How to Talk to Live Person at Google

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If you want to speak with Google Live Person you have to dial following phone Number (1-877-355-5787). Google Live Person starts playing their role when a user finds difficulties while using any of its products. Google believes in offering the best support service for all its offered products. If you are associated to Google in anyway, you may talk to a Google Live Person whenever you need assistance. They are happy to assist you all the time.

Live Person Phone Number in Google

May be you are troubling through finding a right Google customer service phone number live person. Well so I suggest you to call the number 1-866-374-7444 and follow the options as provided below. You’ll get connected to the Google support live agent and they will assist you towards your technical issues.

For your information, if you are unable to sign in to your Google account then first recover your password through">Google account recovery page. You can recover your forgot Gmail account password using your secondary phone number or email ID. If you are not able to recover your Google account password then you may talk to a Google live person.

Here are the phone menus you need to follow:

  • Press 1 for downloading Apps, Music from Google Play store
  • Press 2 if you need technical support for Google device
  • By pressing 3 you can check the recent order
  • Press 4 if you have any questions before you buy
  • Press 5 to access more options

If you want to contact a live person in Google directly then press 5 and you will get the following menus:

  • Press 1 for customer support
  • Unable to sign in to Gmail press 2
  • Press 3 if you want to get back to the previous menu.
  • Press 4 if you don’t know which button to press

Additionally, you can select the product directly from the menu and talk to a live person who will assist you accordingly. Here are the menus for product-based customer service in Google.

If your queries are associated to Google apps, music or download then follow the menu as mentioned below:

  • Press 1 for Music related queries
  • Press 2 for Apps and Games related queries
  • Press 3 for movie
  • Press 4 for news

If you use any of the Google devices then follow the menu as instructed below:

  • You need to press 1 to get technical support for your phone/tablet
  • You need to press 2 for wearable device such as Google watch
  • Press 3 for Chromebook laptop
  • Press 4 to get support for Chromecast
  • Press 5 for Android TV support
  • Press 6 to get more options

What are other options available to contact Google Customer Service?

There are many other methods available following which you can contact Google customer support service.

  • Google Fiber Support & Customer Service: 866-535-7333
  • Google Adword Customer Service phone number: 1-866-374-7444
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