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Just spent five weeks in Kampala Uganda and had the pleasure of working with some of Uganda's finest entertainers.  Much of the time I was recording in Sylver Kyagulanyi's studio in Ntinda with Prisca (formerly of the Dream Galz) and producer Charz Wrayce, truly one of the most talented musicians in the world who Africanized my ideas and productions.  Sylver is East Africa's most prolific, famous and successful songwriters (winner of the Pearl of Africa Music Award for Songwriter of the Year 2006), who has written hundreds of hit songs.  Just while I was there he had five songs on the four major pop stations in Kampala serving the over 5 million music lovers in that part of the world.  Sylver and I co-wrote several songs which we expect will be recorded by the Obsessions and Juliana, two of Uganda's most popular and highly polished acts.  Writing with a man of this calibre was both an honor and an unforgettable experience!!  Finally, I capped off my stay by recording "Give Me Your Love" with the Dream Galz at Dream Studios.  Their manager promised an early 2008 release of the single.  Overall, the five weeks were intense, insane, inspiring and exhausting.  For contrast and to recover, I am now situated in Sasayama Japan, a sleepy, pastoral and historically-rich village close to Osaka and Kyoto.  Here I will be finishing a host of songs and productions in various stages of completion, and mount my assault on the J-Pop scene.  That will be a whole chapter (maybe an entire book) in itself.



(Long Long Way To) Barcelona

(Long Long Way To) Barcelona

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