Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

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Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

AOL mail is one of the prominent email services that allow to send or receive emails conveniently. Due to unknown factors, sometimes you might face issues while receiving the emails. For resolving this error, go through the guide given below or call at the AOL support phone number.

Check the filters

Sometimes the problem can be very minor and related to the filter settings. If you have set incorrect filters and the emails have been directed to any other folder, you will never find it in the inbox and this may be understood as a problem in receiving emails.

Delay in delivery

It is also possible that sometimes the email has taken some extra time in reaching to the receiver and this can cause a delay in delivery of the message. You can either wait or ask the sender to send the email again.

Check the spam folder

It is also likely that the email you are expecting has landed in the spam folder and you are only checking it in the inbox. Always make sure to check the spam folder as well if you are not able to find a mail.

Reset your web settings

Sometimes if you have downloaded several browsers in your system, this can create issues in the settings of the AOL mail. You can reset the general web settings and there is no need to change the settings of all the web browser. This might fix the issue in receiving the emails on your AOL account.

Clear Caches

When you use a browser for a long time, it can create a lot of caches and cookies that get stored in the browser data. To free up some space in your browser, you need to delete all of them. Hence, delete all the caches, cookies, history as well as all the saved passwords.

Disable pop-up blocking

Disable the pop-up blocking if you are using the pop-up feature to see the mail in the pop-up window. It can cause a problem and you may face email error. So to fix the issue while receiving the AOL emails, disable the pop-up window.
If the issue is still there, give us a call at the AOL helpline number.
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