How to Stay Ahead in The SEO World By Avoiding Dreadful SEO Mistakes!

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By: jacobjames
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Search Engine Optimization is difficult! It needs constant efforts to deliver the result. There are so many SEO tactics that it has become almost impossible for the marketers to keep track of all the strategies and implement the best one. However, there are few of the techniques that could ruin your ranking badly instead of offering result.

Check out few of the techniques that were popular but now has been considered as out of fashion and need to avoid completely in 2018. Let's dive into it:

#1. Keyword stuffing

SEO and keywords are interconnected. There was a time when search engine considers the number of times a keyword appears in the content as compared to other words as a strong ranking signal. But that is the thing of a past. This is the worst mistake to think that search engine ranks those site which includes more keywords. This leads to generating the concept of keyword stuffing. In fact, focusing on creating a content by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of an audience is a key to success.

#2. Spam comments

Top 10 SEO companies in USA believes that this is the worst SEO tactic which many marketers use and results in being penalized the website. The readers generally enjoy the comment section, even more than the content itself. But what happens when the reader is reading the comment and suddenly gets the spam comment that makes the experience worst?

Spam comments are not just annoying but also useless. However, these comments can be easily eliminated from the site with various plugins that automatically filter such comments from the blog post.

#3. Bad UX design

The search engine does not refer to the traffic or links on your website to rank it among search results. There are so many factors that Google take into consideration while providing the rank to the website. One such factor is, how users are interacting with your site.

For example, if people are visiting and leaving your website immediately, it’s a clear red signal for the search engines. This reflects that you are not offering your customers what they were looking for. Another factor is, if your site is poorly designed or outdated, it won't achieve any ranking.

#4. Copied content

You might have heard several times that content is the king but only that content is the king which offers value to the users and is not copied from anywhere. This is the worst mistake that occurs when a website owner copies and paste the content to its own site. Boston SEO reveals that most of the sites get penalized only because they content present on the site has been stolen from some other site.

#5. Intrusive interstitial ads

Intrusive ads are those that block the screen completely. These ads are more annoying if someone is browsing the Internet on the mobile device. The most irritating thing is when a reader reads the first few lines and suddenly a popup appears that covers the whole screen. Implementing those things that offer poor experience to the user, only a few are the chances that you’ll achieve ranking for your web page.

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