How to Troubleshoot Common Playback Issues in Crackle?

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How to Troubleshoot Common Playback Issues in Crackle?

Troubleshoot common playback issues in Crackle

  • Video playback problems are usually caused by a minimal download speed or a weak wireless network
  • At least 8 Mbps of download speed for HD content is needed to acquire the best viewing experience
  • Please test your internet connection and ensure that ¬†your computer is linked to your wireless or wired network and other users on the same network may access the internet
  • Also, Make sure your system is within your wireless base station's range and free of barriers that may cause network congestion
  • Attempt to reset the system and restart your modem or router, if the problem persists
  • Please confirm that you have no ad blockers enabled in the Crackle app
  • Crackle is an ad-supported streaming service and disabling ads may cause problems with the playback.
  • Ensure that you've updated to the latest version of your smartphone, operating system, browser, etc.
  • Eliminate any ad blocker that disturbs while you stream the channel
  • This is because Crackle is a streaming service that is funded by advertisements.
  • Playing commercials means that the service is completely free from any charges
  • Ad blockers can also mess with playback of the video

If the problem exists even after performing all the steps that are mentioned above, it is best to reboot the streaming device that you are using. Try to uninstall and download the crackle platform on the device again.

The Crackle app is found by default in many devices, but for Android and iOS you have to navigate to the Playstore and Appstore to install the app

For more concerns on, you can contact the technical support team to place your queries

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