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<p>Based out of <span class="yshortcuts">Wichita Falls, Texas</span>, Jay Hollis doesn&rsquo;t play the part of a country boy, he IS country. Jay comes from a bull riding background - champion bull rider to be specific - that offers him an insiders look into what it means to be a cowboy.<br /><br />Jay's PBR fans are loyal, activated, and keep him on the charts. In the first week of releasing his first single "One More Day," Jay sat in one of the top three positions on all radio station charts playing the song. Jay's music reaches beyond the rodeo circuit. He writes songs for rural America. Songs that speak directly to the daily lives of the common folk. Jay connects!<br /><br />Jay is a true county music entertainer. He doesn't just play a song, he portrays the song through emotion, music, and storytelling. He draws fans in through his stage personality and creates an environment that allows bonds to be built and life long fans to be born. Jay Hollis is the real deal.<br />Jay&rsquo;s songs are written from the soul and Jay has been quoted in the press as being &ldquo;the <span style="border-bottom: 1px dashed #0066cc; cursor: pointer;" class="yshortcuts">James Taylor</span> of Country Music.&rdquo; Jay&rsquo;s music touches emotions in a way that ensures fans are listening, critics are excited, and program directors remember his name. Jay Hollis is the new artist for <span class="yshortcuts">true country music</span> in 2009.</p>


George Strait, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, James Taylor, Blake Shelton

Promo Tour Week 1

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<p>I am very happy with the way my very first radio promo tour went this last week. I traveled through Texas and Oklahoma hitting radio stations and doing interviews and gave away some free shirts, CD's, and I-Pods! Thank you to the stations and DJ's that were so friendly to me on this tour and allowed me to come and visit. I had a great time. Stop by my website at www.jayhollismusic.com to see pictures and videos from my tour and to see upcoming dates so you can hear me on your radio station. My single is called "One More Day" and I would appreciate your requests!</p>

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