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<p>Chinese State Councilor<br />Dai Bingguo left here Sunday for Russia to attend the fifth round of China-Russia strategic security talks.<br />As guest <a href="">automatic washing motor</a> of Russia's Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, Dai will visit Russia from Sunday <a href="">pigment violet 27</a> to Tuesday.<br />The <a href="">surge protective device</a> mechanism of China-Russia strategic security <a href="">miniature circuit breaker</a> talks, an important channel for both parties to exchange views on international affairs and bilateral relations, was initiated by <a href="">surge protection</a> leaders of the two countries in 200<br />Three <a href="">walk in tub</a> years ago when Jason Shen stood on the Times Square for the first time, he didn't expect that a video clip he <a href="">packaging line</a> produced could be shown at the "Crossroads of the World".<br />"In the <a href="">china transfer printing</a> eyes of an advertisement specialist, Times Square is a dream, where the biggest screen was as tall as a four-storey building and every day <a href="">cheap nfl jerseys</a> about 70,000 passengers <a href="">triple eccentric butterfly valve</a> could see the ads," said the chief executive officer of Shanghai Lowe &amp; Partners advertising company.<br />The <a href="">floating ball valve</a> company won the bidding of producing China's national publicity video in November 2009.<br />"Our biggest <a href="">microsoft office 2007</a> challenge was how to show a real China within just 60 seconds," he recalled.<br />After <a href="">steel pipe fittings</a> brainstorming, his team agreed that the main theme should be human beings.<br />"The persons appearing in the video clip were like messengers to convey China's friendliness to the world," he said.<br />The <a href="">school playground</a> video was a step China takes in its foreign relations efforts, and a <a href="">tapping screw</a> chance for Shen individually to fulfill a dream.<br />Working <a href="">mccb</a> as the <a href="">n connector</a> chief executive producer, Shen gave some details in the filming <a href="">sanitary valves</a> of the video.<br />"Famous <a href="">steam trap</a> actress Zhang Ziyi was a very amiable person," he said. "She was very cooperative and the dress she wore was decided by arranged by our team."<br />John <a href="">pigment yellow 1</a> Woo was excited hearing about the plan to make such a national publicity video work. "He told me that it was like <a href="">switching power supply</a> reviewing the excitement when <a href="">outdoor flooring</a> hearing China won the <a href="">shearing machine</a> bidding of <a href="">stainless steel ball valve</a> the 2008 Beijing Olympics."<br />Deng <a href="">hydrostatic test pump</a> Yaping, the four-time Olympic table tennis <a href="">playground slides</a> champion, was not sure how to pose in front <a href="">wholesale kitchen cabinets</a> of the camera.<br />"I told <a href="">pigment yellow 74</a> her that she just need to smile like when Ex-Olympic Chief Juan Antonio Samaranch put the gold <a href="">y type strainer</a> medal around her neck," Shen said.<br />All <a href="">children playground</a> celebrities agreed to appear in the video free-of-charge.<br />The <a href="">residual current circuit breaker</a> smiling faces at the end of the 60-second video were gathered at the Shanghai World Expo, when it was hot and the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius.<br />But Shen and his team were left with some pity. "It was not easy to have six astronauts including Yang Liwei in the filming. But we could have made the video more lively by asking them to change more poses," he said.<br />After the video was aired, Shen was sometimes questioned if the 59 persons in the short video could represent the entire of China.<br />"A <a href="">hydraulic valves</a> good <a href="">organic pigments</a> advertisement should give audiences strong visual impact and be enlightening," he said. "I believe that the celebrities and ordinary people from all walks of life <a href="">knife valve</a> could represent a mild and elegant <a href="">plastic mould</a> image of China."<br />The <a href="">electric fuel pump</a> 60-second national publicity video <a href="">cigarette lighter</a> is shown 15 times every hour on the <a href="">forged valve</a> Times Square from January 17 to February 14. <a href="">pigment blue</a> It is expected to be aired on CNN from January 17 to February 13.<br />A 15-minute documentary produced by the team, which is to be used at important events of Chinese embassies, was also finished. It will show the beautiful scenery of China.<br />On <a href="">flanged ball valve</a> Friday, <a href="">solar water heater</a> Hu, <a href="">gate valve</a> accompanied by local officials, visited Walter Payton College Preparatory High School in downtown Chicago.<br />The high school houses the Confucius Institute in Chicago (CIC), which primarily focuses on the Chinese language and cultural education programs and is the only such institute targeting primary and middle school students in the United States.<br />Later in the day, Hu visited an exhibition of companies operating in the U.S. Midwest. Most companies at the exhibition in Chicago's suburban city of Woodridge are Chinese-funded ones<br /><br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a> <br /><a href=""></a></p>

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