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Capable Homework Helper | College Homework Help

Know how you can prepare a perfect questionnaire for carrying out a survey for your research by taking help of College homework help.

Dissertation writing is majorly about collecting data from various sources. The methods that have been defined for collecting data for research are - primary data collection and the secondary data collection methods. Primary data is the data that is collected specifically for your research purpose and is not obtained from any already existing source. One can collect the data for the research by carrying out a survey. A survey is carried out in such instances wherein the common interest of the people is catered. In a survey all a researcher has to do is prepare a questionnaire which they then distribute amongst a sample of people who have a common interest. It is important for a researcher to raise questions that are appropriate as it will lead him to the end results and this is what students find most difficult to do. Children often lack the adequate knowledge on how to prepare a questionnaire as they do not contain the skills of posing questions that would lead them to achieve desired results. Homework helper can help in providing appropriate knowledge at each and every step of dissertation writing. They can even guide you in preparing an apt questionnaire through the help of their professional researchers. Go through the tips of preparing a questionnaire:

  • Before asking a question from an audience, it is better to ask the question to yourself and ponder what do you want to know and how you will be using it in your favor. This will help you in coming up with questions that would be relevant to ask and also in finding out the order in which it should be asked.
  • It is always better to use close-ended questions in your questionnaire. These questions generally have to be answered in yes-or- no or true-or-false. Close-ended questions will have only a few choices for the respondent, using which the respondent can answer the question, and it is best for them as it will not consume their much time.
  • Questions should be simple and non-bias in nature. If the respondents will find it difficult to discern what the question says then they might not attend the questionnaire further. They would not put effort in doing something that is not even of their interest.
  • Use an appropriate medium to deliver your questionnaire to the people so that they can answer them for you. A lot of people these days use digital media to get the questionnaire filled.
  • Try to make short sentences, in this way the respondents will not have to make a lot of efforts in understanding and answering them.

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