How to be a web designer and why

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How to be a web designer and why

At present the internet is not how important it is to say. In addition to reading books, listening to songs, watching movies, playing games, applying for admission in school colleges, applying for jobs, reading public examinations, reading news updates, watching live cricket updates, and chatting with friends, thousands of things that can be used by the internet. Goes. And there is a separate website for all the work. Everything in the future will be Internet based. And the web is the largest part of the Internet. So imagine how smart a carrier will be on the web.

There are many ways to work on the web. For example - Web research, web design, web development, web analytics, search engine optimization, wordpress development etc. In today's post we will only discuss web design. Learn how to learn, learn how, learn from, learn from, learn simple and free web design, learn some of the best websites, etc.

What is Web Design?

Understand what the website is Do not know where you are now a website There are two parts of this website, a web design and web development. The development work is like programming where it goes where to click or what to do. That means the development work is not seen in the eyes. Design is the outward appearance of a website that can be seen in the eye. For example, how will the website color, how much will be the size of the text, what style, where the sidebar will be, how the article will show, etc. What is the look of the entire website is the web design work.

Why learn

There can be many reasons for learning web design. For example, you can create a website for yourself, and you can earn another by creating another website. And there is a lot of work on the online marketplace web design that allows you to earn dollars. If you are interested in freelancing profession then web design can be a best way. Web designers are the highest rated at marketplaces. And interestingly, the demand for web designers around the world is increasing.

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