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French decorative painting - French decorative painting
The French style mostly consists of natural plant life, using bengal-shell curves,Oversized Canvas Art varied curly grass patterns, curved palms, and a went up with a long end.
To get near to nature, instead of using horizontal lines, they use scroll images and variable curves. Their composition is not symmetrical. Every side and Angle may be asymmetrical.
French style is a type of noble, passionate and elegant interior design style, which pursues color and inner connection and pays attention to the decoration in nature.
French style does not only seek simple harmony,Oversized Canvas Art For Sale but additionally advocates the beauty of turmoil.
The romance of People from france people also showed incisively and vividly on model room decoration.
The main features of French style layout highlight the symmetry of the axis, magnificent imposing manner, luxurious and comfortable living space;
Impact noble style, noble and elegant;
French columns, making and lines were utilized in details processing, and the production process was exquisite and exquisite.
The buildings are mainly symmetrical, and there are delicate tiger Windows on the top.
French decorative painting - the theme and creativeness of French decorative artwork
Decorative paintings are generally appropriate to express beautiful, festive, lyrical and romantic, as well as illusion figures.
What shows before people is the perfect person and ideal world, pursue a kind of artificial beauty, official beauty.
When designing, we ought to pay attention to seeking things that others have not found, be curious and curious, connect the phenomena in life with the creation purpose of individuals, and capture valuable information.
Content can be expressed in various types, and the "creating images by intention and doing business by image" is to create forms based on content and convey items through forms.
Subject matter is very rich separated into figurative subject issue, image subject material, abstract issue matter and comprehensive subject matter matter.
The three elements of decorative modeling,Great Big Canvas ornamental color and decorative structure are the key to decorative painting.
Good ornamental paintings can convey information through their visual images and communicate beyond local and ethnic boundaries as well as language obstacles and cultural differences.
People from france decorative painting - composition of French decorative artwork
The decorative painting is identical with other art in composition.
It requires the oral form to be a clear and large form, in order to contain the artistic conception and plot of the author from the nuclear body.
Many of them use two-dimensional space to convey thematic content.
Which includes the following composition forms:
1. Central composition: the composition of the picture is dedicated to a theme plot or main character types or scenes.
Show the picture up and down, right and left.
This kind of composition can contain abundant subject content and convey satisfactory artistic effect.
2. Expanded composition: this structure mostly expands left and right of the picture, forming a long scroll,Big Canvas Art and also stretching down and up

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