Boho mother daughter swim suits

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By: Jonnyjelly
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Boho mother daughter swim suits

I know, I know ... Sometimes it's just fun to try something out of the comfort zone. I have an adorable little label from the USA on Instagram - Bohemianland- discovered, but did not dare to order anything there for a long time. I thought I can not integrate extreme flared pants, dungarees or flower power prints into my everyday life without being stupidly looked at on the street. In that case, my girls are my greatest role models, when they feel good and they like what they wear, they have an unbeatable self-confidence, which also tears me along. So obviously I got weak and now we do not want to take off three of those super comfy pants anymore and listen to Aquarius / Let the sunshine in '... if at least retro then at least really authentic please!

mother daughter matching bikini.jpg

Leopard print and all other patterns that the animal kingdom gives are definitely a matter of taste, but now that I see boots in snakeskin look everywhere, I can also unpack my carrot pants in a wildcat look. And in the coordinated mother daughter Bikini, I have my two small 'partners in crime' with me. Sometimes I wonder what my husband thinks when he has to walk the streets with us, but I should just be tacitly grateful that he tolerates my whimsy.

mother daughter matching swimsuits.jpg

I also know that I repeat myself because I've been blogging about our supercool leopard print jumpsuits in the summer, but doubts keep better remembering here so: more courage to pattern!

mother daughter swimsuits.jpg

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