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Joyslam is a Solo Project created by Aboriginal (Mohawk) Artist RJ Martine while being accompanied with an array of talented musicians. Joyslam continues to delight music fans of all genres with their unique brand of high energy movin', groovin', Rock, Funk, Dance infused Reggae/Ska & Pop music. Combined with their unbridled new WOW factored sound.

Since November 2020, Joyslam has obtained both North American & International Airplay and have conducted numerous On-Air Interviews and currently has Airplay across the globe, from North & South America to Belgium to Australia with many more to come.

Joyslam have received Music Placement with both Spafax which provides Music globally throughout the Airline Industry. While ERG/Multi Music Pro DJ Series provides Music throughout North America via DJ's on EVERY Level of the musical spectrum.

Since Dec 2020 Joyslam's sharing space with Major Label Artists on the elite ERG & Multi Music System with Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Sam Smith, Loud Luxury, Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber.

The Press & Media have been beyond positive with their reception of Joyslam, as exampled:

Richard Howard of A Side Magazine wrote of Joyslam:

"Where have you been all our lives, Joyslam?!"

"Let me be clear about something. I’m not being coy, I’m not being facetious and I’m not speaking ironically. I LOVE JOYSLAM. And I’ll scream it from the mountain tops. I want this guy to have all the success in the world, so show this to your Auntie, Grandpa and third-cousin twice removed."

Jean Luc of the Award Winning Ezine/Blog Turn Up The Volume.

“A hip-shaking earworm that makes your whole body rotating crazily. Your eager limbs just can’t resist this tremendously funky Freak Le Chic stunner. Music heals, music uplifts, music exhilarates.” for ALL the Latest & Greatest in Joyslam News, Interviews, Free Music & Videos.

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JOYSLAM Drum Beats

Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:50
"Drum Beats" is the latest Music Video from Aboriginal Solo Artist RJ Martine. The follow up to the single & Music Video for "Free Spirit" from Joyslam's upcoming album.

As the lyrics express Drums are the heartbeat of not just music but of communications throughout history and in EVERY culture. These Drum Beats, especially in Aboriginal culture, are the means in which we "tell the stories of everything that we've heard or seen"
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