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Dry Concrete Mixing Plant

By juniperqq, 2020-06-29

50-90m3/h dry mixing concrete plant is a special purpose concrete mixing plant, which is mainly used for projects with low requirements on concrete quality and long distance. Unlike common wet concrete mixing plants, dry concrete mixing plants are not equipped with a central mixer and are mixed by a tanker truck during transportation. When the dry concrete mixing station is working, each system sends the weighed aggregates, cement, fly ash, etc. into the storage hopper, and then loads the materials into the transportation tank truck through the storage hopper, and then into the transportation tank truck For water and other additives, the transportation tank truck controls the rotation of the tank at a speed of at least 70 revolutions per minute to achieve the purpose of stirring.

common problem
1. What is the difference between dry concrete mixing plant and wet concrete mixing plant?
The main difference between a dry concrete mixing plant and a wet concrete mixing plant is to transfer the function of mixing concrete from the central mixer on the cement concrete batch plant hzs50 to the transportation tank truck. In this case, the initial investment cost of the mixing plant will be reduced, but the dry concrete mixing plant has higher requirements for the transportation of tank trucks.

2. My mixing plant sometimes needs to produce dry concrete. Do I need to buy a dry concrete mixing plant separately?
Our wet concrete mixing station can control the mixing time of the central mixer through the control system, which can meet the needs of temporary production of dry concrete and semi-dry concrete.

1. The production capacity of the batching plant equipment hzs90 is the theoretical value, and the actual engineering use may be less than the theoretical value.
2. The unloading height is the receiving height of a standard concrete transportation tank truck, which can be changed according to the actual engineering requirements.

The advantages of high quality qt8-15 automatic brick making machine compared to general brick making machine:
1. Fully automatic non-fired brick pressing machine breaks the traditional pressing method from top to bottom and changes to pressing from bottom to top, which overcomes the defect that the old press is easy to punch and damage the mold.
2. Fully automatic non-fired brick press has good exhaust performance and can continuously produce hollow bricks for a long time.
3. Fully automatic non-fired brick press The press adopts the control method of internal displacement sensor, which is not affected by environmental pollution, and can accurately ensure the appearance of the brick, so that the product reaches 100% of the national first-class brick standard; the The machine is also equipped with a built-in pressure sensor, which can accurately measure the strength of the brick.
4. Fully automatic brick making machine adopts imported high-tech, high-precision components and burn-free parts from German Siemens company. It is a qt8-15 automatic brick making machine of the same type in China at present, with high speed, high output and full functions , It can produce multi-type and multi-standard hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks, road paving bricks and other new building materials products.
5. Fully automatic brick making machine has low press noise, low power consumption and 40% power saving.
6. The high quality automatic brick making machine has a high degree of automation. After the size and strength of the brick are set, any product that fails to meet the requirements can be automatically returned to the raw material warehouse, and then pressed after stirring to ensure maximum quality.

The main components of hydraulic brick machine

1. The main machine of the cement block making machine for sale is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a mold, a supporting mold frame and a punch. The body is made of cast steel, which enhances the stability of the equipment, makes the machine run more smoothly, ensures that the equipment will not deform for a long time, and extends the service life of the machine. 2. The hydraulic pump station of brick machine is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic valve, oil circuit block, oil pipe and so on. The highly concentrated hydraulic valve configuration and the unique right-side design ensure that the machine can achieve continuous normal work and improve work efficiency. 3. The electrical console of the high quality qt4-15 fly ash brick machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic control system and a power distribution cabinet. The advanced hydraulic control system can realize fully automatic control, and the equipped displayable text controller can be adjusted at will according to the needs of users, and the operation is more convenient and fast. 4. The flat delivery of bricks is mainly used for conveying the pressed bricks. After the bricks are pressed into bricks, the bricks are directly pushed onto the belt conveyor under the force of the push-pull cylinder, and then the robot automatically codes the bricks. Convenient and fast, greatly improving work efficiency and output.

General procedures for operating a concrete pump

The 1-party mixer is the JS1000 concrete mixer that is usually called, because its output volume is 1m³ each time, so it is also called the 1-party mixer. So, what is the price of the 1-party mixer? Where can I sell it? JS1000 mixer is one of the widely used mixer models in China and one of the hot-selling products of the forced mixer manufacturer haomei machinery. The JS1000 mixer produced by haomei produces 1 side each time, and is also the main unit of 50 mixing stations and 60 mixing stations. It has the advantages of convenient water control, large stirring force, small power consumption and strong power. The built-in vortex mixer can prevent materials from forming into a silo. Here we take a look at the price of JS1000 (1 party) mixer: Because of the different manufacturers, the quality of the components used in the 1 side (JS1000) mixer is different, and the processing methods are different, so the price is also different. In general, the price of the 1-party mixer is subject to the contract price signed with the manufacturer. There are several configurations for the 1-party (JS1000) mixer, so the price is also different. For the configuration of 1-square concrete mixer, you can choose a single reducer or a double reducer, you can choose a gear reducer or a cycloid reducer, and a planetary reducer. The price varies between different configurations, but the price is generally between 60,000 and 100,000 yuan. So, why are the prices of the same model of 1-party mixer different? This is because the specific configuration of the mixer is customized and produced according to the actual needs of the user, so the configuration of the concrete mixer of the same model is different, and the price of the configuration is naturally different, so the price list of the concrete mixer is a price range. Customers who want to buy a mixer with reliable quality and reasonable price can come and see! , To professionally produce concrete mixing machinery, has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of concrete equipment, sophisticated equipment, technology in place, welcome customers to visit the factory. If you still want to know more about the 1-party mixer, please call the 24-hour service phone and look forward to your call.

Brick machine door not work under manual condition

From today on, our company will explain the possible faults and troubleshooting methods of the discount qt4-15 fly ash brick machine door movement, which are divided into 5 sections. Cement brick machine price | free - burning brick machine price I. when the brick moulding machine is in production, the door of the brick machine cannot be moved manually. There are two reasons for this: 1-1 fault phenomenon: when pressing "SA3", the touch screen fault prompt shows the following: "the brick machine skip car is not in the rear limit or the limit switch is damaged, so the material door cannot be opened" Cause of failure: the brick skip car did not retreat to the rear limit or the proximity switch of the skip car's rear limit was too far away from the induction iron of the rear limit to be detected; The proximity switch doesn't work. (due to the interlock function of the equipment, the material door can only be opened when the skip car is in the rear limit) Elimination method: place the skip car in the rear limit. Make the proximity switch of the rear limit of the skip to sense the induction iron. The proximity switch indicator light is on, and the port on the touch screen is monitored, indicating that the proximity switch is in working state, and the material door can be moved. 1-2 the cause of the problem: skip place in the limit of customized qt10-15 brick moulding machine, the proximity switch position is no problem, check the port on the touch screen monitor, such as limit after skip proximity switch is not shown in working status, the "X3" input terminal of PLC when the light is not bright, probably skip limit the proximity switch is damaged or line break. After the input terminal of PLC "X3" damage, cause the proximity switch doesn't work. Exclusion method: in this case, regardless of whether the proximity switch indicator light can be on (when the indicator light is on, not necessarily in good condition), we should check whether the proximity switch is normal, then check whether the proximity switch line and PLC "X3" input terminal is normal, and then one by one according to the situation.

How to properly clean cement brick machine parts

If the customized block making machine for sale is used for a long time, many parts will accumulate dust. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will accumulate more and more, which will lead to an increase in the failure rate of the customized hollow block machine. Fatigue and other effects, then, how to properly clean the parts of the block making machine? 1. Manual cleaning. Disassemble the parts, put them in diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, and use gauze or brush to clean. This method is suitable for the smaller parts of the brick-free machine, but the operation is simple and the efficiency is very high. . 2. Spray washing method. We all know that the structure of some parts of the customized block making machine for sale is very complicated, and the operator can not achieve the cleaning effect by hand. At this time, do not use the spray washing method. The spray cleaning method refers to spraying the cleaning liquid of a certain pressure and temperature onto the parts that need to be cleaned in the customized hollow block machine for sale. This method is relatively clean, and there are almost no dead ends. 3. Boiling cleaning method. The boiling cleaning method is not a surface boiling. It is to place the parts to be cleaned in a cleaning solution or a prepared solution, heat until the temperature reaches 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, and boil for 3 to 5 minutes. 4. Equipment cleaning method. Equipment cleaning refers to the use of cleaning equipment to achieve cleaning. There are two methods of cleaning equipment, ultrasonic and oscillating cleaning. This method is a bit cumbersome. It is necessary to select different cleaning fluids according to the different properties of oil dirt and dust.

Characteristics of fly ash brick machine

By juniperqq, 2020-04-30
Characteristics of fly ash brick machine

cheap qt4-15 fly ash brick machine is the main equipment for producing fly ash autoclaved bricks. Fly ash autoclaved bricks use fly ash or other slag or lime sand as raw materials, add lime, gypsum and aggregate, prepared by embryo, Compression molding, efficient steam curing and other processes. The production process of the automatic brick making machine includes several major steps such as processing and preparation of raw materials, metering of ingredients according to a certain ratio, mixing, digestion, wheel rolling, compression molding, static stop curing of the blank, autoclaving curing, inspection and stacking of finished products. Since autoclaved bricks use lime sand or industrial waste slag (fly ash, beneficiation powder, slag, gangue) as the main raw material, many properties of autoclaved bricks are better than solid, such as frost resistance, corrosion resistance, compressive strength Artificial stone of clay bricks. The size of the brick is exactly the same as the ordinary solid clay brick, which is 240mm x 115mm x 53mm, so the autoclaved brick can directly replace the solid clay brick. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, scientific structure, beautiful shape, and appearance size standards. It is a new wall material developed and applied by the country. Get automatic brick making machine price today. Fly ash brick machine production line equipment includes: mixer, digester, autoclave brick machine, wheel mill, autoclave and other main equipment and box feeder, screw conveyor, bucket, aggregate weigh, belt conveyor Machine, maintenance trolley, shuttle bus and other auxiliary equipment. The product strength of the automatic brick making machine can reach MU20, the production technology level is high, and the energy consumption is low. The products are widely used in building foundations and internal and external walls. Fly ash brick machine can use a lot of fly ash, and can use wet ash discharge. At least 800kg of fly ash can be used for every 1m of brick produced, and a brick factory with an annual output of 50 million pieces can use 60,000 tons of fly ash. This is undoubtedly of great significance for saving land and protecting the ecological environment. Autoclaved bricks have a certain scale of production in various parts of China, and their application has been quite common.

Block machine- how to distinguish cement type from packaging

Customers who have purchased concrete hollow block machine for sale to run cement brick factories will encounter this problem when choosing cement. What is the difference between bulk cement and bagged cement? Today we will analyze how to distinguish the types of cement from the packaging. 1. Definition of bulk cement and bagged cement: The factory-made cement is packaged in plastic woven bags (or paper bags), which is commonly used in China 50kg / bag. This is called bagged cement, and can also be directly poured into a dedicated bulk car or train, pulled to a construction site and poured into a storage steel plate warehouse for users Hit concrete. 2. The application scope of bulk cement and bagged cement: private households are suitable for using bagged cement because there is no steel plate warehouse for storage. Bulk cement is used for large projects, saving the cost of woven bags. 3. The difference between bulk cement and bagged cement: In terms of performance, there is no strict distinction between bulk cement and bagged cement. Bulk cement and bagged cement are just two different methods of cement packaging, storage and transportation. The so-called bulk cement refers to the use of paper bags (including plastic woven bags, composite bags, etc.) packaging, strict control of the cement production process, improve product quality (especially cement stability indicators), directly through special equipment (including bulk cement distribution facilities, Transportation vehicles, storage tanks) leaving the factory, transportation, storage to use the cement. Before leaving the factory, there is no strict distinction between the performance of bulk cement and bagged cement before leaving the factory, but after leaving the factory, the bulk cement is transported and stored with special equipment, its sealing is good, and the cement does not deteriorate during storage. According to the test, the bulk cement has not experienced a decrease in the grade of the cement for 13 months. After 12 months of storage, the strength of the bagged cement is reduced by 30-50%, and it may be damp, wet, or agglomerated. Customers who have purchased concrete hollow block machines for sale to run cement brick factories will encounter this problem when choosing cement. What is the difference between bulk cement and bagged cement? Which one is more cost-effective to choose, what issues should be paid attention to when buying? Through the above brief introduction, choose the kind of packaging cement I believe you have set in mind.