Characteristics of fly ash brick machine

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Characteristics of fly ash brick machine

cheap qt4-15 fly ash brick machine is the main equipment for producing fly ash autoclaved bricks. Fly ash autoclaved bricks use fly ash or other slag or lime sand as raw materials, add lime, gypsum and aggregate, prepared by embryo, Compression molding, efficient steam curing and other processes. The production process of the automatic brick making machine includes several major steps such as processing and preparation of raw materials, metering of ingredients according to a certain ratio, mixing, digestion, wheel rolling, compression molding, static stop curing of the blank, autoclaving curing, inspection and stacking of finished products. Since autoclaved bricks use lime sand or industrial waste slag (fly ash, beneficiation powder, slag, gangue) as the main raw material, many properties of autoclaved bricks are better than solid, such as frost resistance, corrosion resistance, compressive strength Artificial stone of clay bricks. The size of the brick is exactly the same as the ordinary solid clay brick, which is 240mm x 115mm x 53mm, so the autoclaved brick can directly replace the solid clay brick. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, scientific structure, beautiful shape, and appearance size standards. It is a new wall material developed and applied by the country. Get automatic brick making machine price today. Fly ash brick machine production line equipment includes: mixer, digester, autoclave brick machine, wheel mill, autoclave and other main equipment and box feeder, screw conveyor, bucket, aggregate weigh, belt conveyor Machine, maintenance trolley, shuttle bus and other auxiliary equipment. The product strength of the automatic brick making machine can reach MU20, the production technology level is high, and the energy consumption is low. The products are widely used in building foundations and internal and external walls. Fly ash brick machine can use a lot of fly ash, and can use wet ash discharge. At least 800kg of fly ash can be used for every 1m of brick produced, and a brick factory with an annual output of 50 million pieces can use 60,000 tons of fly ash. This is undoubtedly of great significance for saving land and protecting the ecological environment. Autoclaved bricks have a certain scale of production in various parts of China, and their application has been quite common.

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