How to properly clean cement brick machine parts

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By: juniperqq
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How to properly clean cement brick machine parts

If the customized block making machine for sale is used for a long time, many parts will accumulate dust. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will accumulate more and more, which will lead to an increase in the failure rate of the customized hollow block machine. Fatigue and other effects, then, how to properly clean the parts of the block making machine? 1. Manual cleaning. Disassemble the parts, put them in diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, and use gauze or brush to clean. This method is suitable for the smaller parts of the brick-free machine, but the operation is simple and the efficiency is very high. . 2. Spray washing method. We all know that the structure of some parts of the customized block making machine for sale is very complicated, and the operator can not achieve the cleaning effect by hand. At this time, do not use the spray washing method. The spray cleaning method refers to spraying the cleaning liquid of a certain pressure and temperature onto the parts that need to be cleaned in the customized hollow block machine for sale. This method is relatively clean, and there are almost no dead ends. 3. Boiling cleaning method. The boiling cleaning method is not a surface boiling. It is to place the parts to be cleaned in a cleaning solution or a prepared solution, heat until the temperature reaches 80 to 90 degrees Celsius, and boil for 3 to 5 minutes. 4. Equipment cleaning method. Equipment cleaning refers to the use of cleaning equipment to achieve cleaning. There are two methods of cleaning equipment, ultrasonic and oscillating cleaning. This method is a bit cumbersome. It is necessary to select different cleaning fluids according to the different properties of oil dirt and dust.

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