General procedures for operating a concrete pump

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General procedures for operating a concrete pump

The 1-party mixer is the JS1000 concrete mixer that is usually called, because its output volume is 1m³ each time, so it is also called the 1-party mixer. So, what is the price of the 1-party mixer? Where can I sell it? JS1000 mixer is one of the widely used mixer models in China and one of the hot-selling products of the forced mixer manufacturer haomei machinery. The JS1000 mixer produced by haomei produces 1 side each time, and is also the main unit of 50 mixing stations and 60 mixing stations. It has the advantages of convenient water control, large stirring force, small power consumption and strong power. The built-in vortex mixer can prevent materials from forming into a silo. Here we take a look at the price of JS1000 (1 party) mixer: Because of the different manufacturers, the quality of the components used in the 1 side (JS1000) mixer is different, and the processing methods are different, so the price is also different. In general, the price of the 1-party mixer is subject to the contract price signed with the manufacturer. There are several configurations for the 1-party (JS1000) mixer, so the price is also different. For the configuration of 1-square concrete mixer, you can choose a single reducer or a double reducer, you can choose a gear reducer or a cycloid reducer, and a planetary reducer. The price varies between different configurations, but the price is generally between 60,000 and 100,000 yuan. So, why are the prices of the same model of 1-party mixer different? This is because the specific configuration of the mixer is customized and produced according to the actual needs of the user, so the configuration of the concrete mixer of the same model is different, and the price of the configuration is naturally different, so the price list of the concrete mixer is a price range. Customers who want to buy a mixer with reliable quality and reasonable price can come and see! , To professionally produce concrete mixing machinery, has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of concrete equipment, sophisticated equipment, technology in place, welcome customers to visit the factory. If you still want to know more about the 1-party mixer, please call the 24-hour service phone and look forward to your call.

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