The main components of hydraulic brick machine

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The main components of hydraulic brick machine

1. The main machine of the cement block making machine for sale is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a mold, a supporting mold frame and a punch. The body is made of cast steel, which enhances the stability of the equipment, makes the machine run more smoothly, ensures that the equipment will not deform for a long time, and extends the service life of the machine. 2. The hydraulic pump station of brick machine is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic valve, oil circuit block, oil pipe and so on. The highly concentrated hydraulic valve configuration and the unique right-side design ensure that the machine can achieve continuous normal work and improve work efficiency. 3. The electrical console of the high quality qt4-15 fly ash brick machine is mainly composed of a hydraulic control system and a power distribution cabinet. The advanced hydraulic control system can realize fully automatic control, and the equipped displayable text controller can be adjusted at will according to the needs of users, and the operation is more convenient and fast. 4. The flat delivery of bricks is mainly used for conveying the pressed bricks. After the bricks are pressed into bricks, the bricks are directly pushed onto the belt conveyor under the force of the push-pull cylinder, and then the robot automatically codes the bricks. Convenient and fast, greatly improving work efficiency and output.

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