Category: qt6-15 paver block machine

In the production process of high quality qt6-15 paver block machine, if the heat phenomenon is found not timely treatment, it will cause serious damage, mainly the following 6 points;

1.destroy the oil film on the sliding surface of the pump and each valve body, resulting in faster wear of the friction pair, and shorten the service life of the components;
2.after the temperature of the working liquid increases, the viscosity of the working liquid decreases, the leakage of the pump increases, and the actual flow rate of the pump decreases;
3.accelerate oil film oxidation, form colloidal material, block element holes, make hydraulic element failure, stuck, qt6-15 paver block machine even unable to work;
4.when the hydraulic valve built valve core, valve body material is different, thermal expansion coefficient is different, between the valve core, valve body will be due to thermal expansion
5.make banana seal material aging, leakage, increased leakage;
6.the filter element is aged early and the filtration performance is reduced.