album: Better Late Than Never

genre: Pop Rock

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About KamaLinden
<a href=""><img style="padding: 5px;" src="" border="0" alt="ginaartistbutton (13K)" width="150" height="81" align="right" /></a> <p>Kama Linden is a fireball of energy, passion, and versatility. This gutsy lyricist catches you (and catches you off guard) with her edgy lyrics and voice (Easier, If Looks Could Kill), lulls you in with SMOOTH vocals (You&rsquo;ve Forgotten Me), and has you grooving with sultry sounds that are undeniably her own (Better Late Than Never, Been There Done That, All About), which when performed live, have gathered many a crowd at various festivals (NASHVILLE SONGWRITER&rsquo;S FESTIVAL 2008, Halstead Street Market Days, Staten Island Ferry Festival, The Rose Festival 2006, Sunbury Festival 2007 and 2008 and more).She spent three years touring the USA (and Amsterdam in 2007) in support of her first release, UNINHIBITED 2006 (a mix of POP/Rock and some urban/dance mixes which keeps the listener both interested and entertained), and is already beginning to tour in support of her newest release, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER (which has a balance of fully produced songs, as well as simpler, more acoustic takes).</p><p>Besides touring the USA performing acoustic versions of her two CDs, she has also performed in London/Southeast/Devon, Wales, Amsterdam, and AUSTRALIA. She has performed in many a festival such as SUNBURY RIVERFESTIVAL, Nashville Songwriter's Festival, and Birdman Festival (UK). Whether it be an acoustic show, dance remixes at a club or street fair (and boy can she dance) or full band, She&rsquo;s sure to knock &lsquo;em dead for she holds nothing back. She also performs many pop/rock and country covers.</p><p>BETTER LATE THAN NEVER has just released late JUNE 2008 under MOHICAN RECORDS uk. A step above her first album (thanks to the engineering skills of Kieran Pardias at Cove City Sound Studios), BETTER LATE THAN NEVER will truly show her full range as an artist! Kama&rsquo;s music will also be licensed/distributed through BLUE PIE PRODUCTIONS in Australia.</p><p>Her songs have been licensed to small films; "Another Me" was used for a Blue Cross Radio Spot in California. "Bitter Lemon" was featured on a Radio Show in Nashville called "Sauced" in July 2008: WLAC 1510 AM.</p><p>Her songs are dominating and sexy, and so is Kama. This is one artist you want to watch for... or watch out for. Pop/Rock has a new Princess, one with a bit of a grudge, but that&rsquo;s how we like it.</p><p><br /><br /></p>
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