Kimberly Bon / Ed Daniels

About Kimberly Bon / Ed Daniels

                           Kimberly Bon / Ed Daniels
 Produced and Arranged by: Vic Steffens
                           Horizon Music Group

Generation X, Generation Y move over, this is music for the forgotten generation, the 40 and over crowd.
Remember when you could close your eyes, listen to the music and see a picture in your mind?   When lyrics, melodies, harmonies and instrumentation were equal in creating the perfect song, a song that made you feel good?
A year in the making, attention to detail was planned and executed down to the smallest harmony. Using a team of diverse voices, writers, attitudes and styles has this compilation of retro sounding music spanning soft rock through country; each song a cut above the rest.

Artists / Band Members:
   Kimberly Bon, Jean Marie Rivera, Vic Steffens, Steve Klunk, Josh Douglas, Chris Bickley, Ed Daniels


Faith Hill, Karen Carpenter,70-80's music



Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

album: Lets Talk

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