Prospects for Network Analysts

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By: krishrock
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Prospects for Network Analysts

Network Analysts are required in most industry verticals, such as e-commerce, defense, and utilities, among others. As their skill sets are in demand in most countries, they get opportunities to work on-sites abroad. Demand for computer network architects is predicted to increase six percent during the ten-year period 2016-2026, as organizations will look to grow their information technology (IT) networks continuously, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

There is no entry-level position for a network analyst in any organization. First, they have to work as an associate, a technician, a help desk associate or a troubleshooter. After gaining three plus years of experience, they will be promoted as Network Analysts.

Network Analyst Salary

As network analysts gain experience, their wages increase considerably over time. The annual pay of a Network Analyst is $58,721 per year in the United States. If they freelance, they can earn about $23.04 on an average, according to

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