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SDN can help because the goal of network management is to allow different devices (whether it’s owned by the company, employees, or different manufacturers) to connect to the networks and use their resources with restrictions based on the principles of “who-what-where-how-why »Every time you connect. This requires consistent policy enforcement across all devices. In the future, the policy-changing administrator will not be forced to spend hours making changes to each device separately, and these changes must be agreed on throughout the enterprise. This is the role of SDN. They provide consistent, relatively fast network management, allowing changes throughout the network from a single management console.

It is also important that the network virtualization mechanism is based on free software, which allows network administrators to quickly and efficiently manage large data streams from a single console.

Virtualization destroys the business of server manufacturers: today it makes no sense to buy a new server for a new application, and therefore the cost of iron can no longer be increased. Manufacturers need to look for new sources of revenue, for example, it is better to adapt their products to virtualization, and today the products of many companies are initially optimized for hypervisors. With the advent of SDN, a similar situation will be observed in the network equipment market - network virtualization is designed to remove the fundamental limitation for cloud development for their scaling. You can still manually manage the networks within several clusters located within the same data center, however, when there are many such clusters and they are geographically separated, the task is complicated many times over. When it comes to organizing the interaction between different data centers , this is just the field for Cisco .

SDN poses new challenges for network equipment manufacturers to support new cloud scenarios, such as enabling the transmission of multiple packets over long distances. At the same time, VMware plans to release hardware-independent virtualization systems for network equipment.

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