Kinvaras and it did not hurt

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Today I ran 10.3 miles in my Saucony Kinvaras and it did not hurt – in fact, it was one of the best runs I’ve had since I ran the Manchester City Marathon in early November. This statement in and of itself may not seem all that significant – I run a lot of miles, Nike Air Max 90 Dames and the Nike Air Max 270 Damen vast majority of them don’t hurt. That was not the case when I ran last Friday night.Last month I put up a first look review of the much anticipate New Balance Minimus Trail shoe that is set to hit the market in early 2011. In that post, I proclaimed after having run in them two times that the Minimus Trail was near perfection in a running shoe. I meant it. I was quite smitten with the shoe – it looked great, it fit like a glove, and it handled beautifully on the road and trail. I was convinced that it was going to be the perfect hybrid shoe, one that would be wearable in almost any type of conditions. Unfortunately, as can sometimes happen in relationships that start with a bang, things turned sour quickly.It started just before Thanksgiving. My family and I were traveling to Maine, and I was going to bring the Nike Air Max 90 Herr Minimus Trail Nike Air Max Classic BW Hombre with me since there was a chance of snow and I wanted something that would provide decent traction in case it got slick. I opted to wear the Trails on the car Nike Air Max 90 Dam ride up, and upon putting them on I noticed a sharp, painful sensation at the base of my pinky toe on my right foot (in the region indicated by the red circle above). I thought nothing of it at first as I hadn’t felt it on any of my earlier runs, but the pressure never went away. Upon inspecting the shoe when I arrived in Maine, it looked like there was a manufacturing asymmetry (see photo below) that had caused the black band across the metatarsal heads to be tighter on the right side (indicated by the yellow line in the photo above). The intersection between this band and the black strip that holds the laces was pushing into my foot, right above the joint between my pinky Nike Air Max 270 Femme toe and the 5th metatarsal head. I thought about trying to trim some material from inside the shoe, but opted not to since I didn’t want to destroy it in the Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens process.
Manufacturing asymmetry in the Minimus Trail? Yellow arrows show how the upper material appears to be pulled down further in the right foot shoe (on left in photo), and the black metatarsal band seems pulled down as well. The right foot shoe is significantly tighter than the left foot shoe.
I thought maybe a bit of breaking in would stretch the metatarsal band out, so I decided to go for a treadmill run in the shoes while in Maine. It was at that point that things really began to get ugly. About 15 minutes into my run, I noticed a burning sensation just above my left knee (opposite side from the pinky toe pain). The pain got progressively worse, Nike Air Max Tavas Damen eventually to the Nike Air Vapormax Womens point where I cut the run short for fear that I might do some damage. I knew this pain. When I was in graduate school I had experienced the exact same thing, which I self-diagnosed as iliotibial band syndrome. Yes, the dreaded ITBS. Back then a simple change of shoes made the pain go away (they were a half size too large and probably not meant for running), but I was puzzled by what was going on with the Minimus Trail since I had run in them previously without any issue, and I’d had no signs of ITB pain on previous runs (or in recent memory for that matter). I thought maybe the treadmill was to blame since I hadn’t run on one for some time, but the memory of my bad shoes from grad school lingered – the shoes had caused it then, and perhaps they were causing it now.Two days later I somewhat fearfully decided to Nike Roshe Run Damen test the knee out with a 5 mile run in my ever-trusty Saucony Kinvaras, and to my surprise I was totally pain free. No issues whatsoever. The cause of the ITB pain was either the treadmill or the shoes, and being somewhat cautious, I opted to wait a bit before taking the shoes out again. About two weeks later I decided to try out a treadmill again, this time in my own basement with only a pair of thin socks on my feet to help reduce belt friction. I like to do slow runs “barefoot” on the treadmill from time to time, and this one went just fine. No pain at all.

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