Will powerlevelings Kill Letter Writing?

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By: lanlan00
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<p>Will <a href="http://www.powerlevelings.com/">powerleveling</a>s Kill Letter Writing? Today, more than ever before, we depend on the expediency brought about by such modern devices as <a href="http://www.mmogcart.com/cheap-wow-powerleveling/">powerleveling</a>s. As a result, when we feel the need to communicate with friends, instead of picking up the pen to set down to serious writing, we pick up the <a href="http://www.mygamesale.com/power-leveling/">power leveling</a>. Indeed, we speak so much and write so little that some people begin to suspect that <a href="http://www.mygamesale.com/power-leveling/">powerleveling</a>s will kill letter writing. However widely used it is today, the <a href="http://www.mygamesale.com/power-leveling/">power leveling</a> will not take the place of letter, for both <a href="http://www.mygamesale.com/power-leveling/">power leveling</a> and letter writing have respective functions to perform. There are at least two reasons, as far as I am concerned, why this will not happen. For one thing, although <a href="http://www.powerlevelings.com/">power leveling</a>s admittedly have already taken over many roles traditionally played by the letter, there are certain areas such as commercial transactions and legal correspondence, in which black and white sincerity and confirmation is still a must. For another, in no way can a quick <a href="http://www.mmogcart.com/power-leveling/power-leveling.jsp">power leveling</a> conversation convey and accomplish as much as a deliberate, well worded letter does. For instance, there seems to be no better device than letter writing to express deep, heart-felt, profound love, a fact underlined by the enormous love letters of great men and women. As we know, in the 1960&rsquo;s, there had been so much talk that TV would kill newspapers. And it has never happened. Today we are in a similar situation. We can be certain, for the reasons discussed above, that letter writing is irreplaceable.</p>

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