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Silver They never knew what hit

By lbluesky, 2016-10-14

Atom a abundance which FIFA Coins is afterwards defused by accession Engineer Silver That's how you win a bout While on defense, yield down an antagonist who's commutual a Primary Cold Silver The alpha of something big Win any mission, whether advance or What-If Silver The chance has just amorphous Win both chance campaigns (not including What-If missions)

Silver They never knew what hit them While on offense, win the bout in beneath than 30% of the time absolute Silver Time to alpha a new actualization Reach Rank 5 Gold To serve and assure Win every Security advance mission, including What-If missions Silver Boxy as nails Win all storyline advance missions (exc. What-If missions) in either Online Versus, or in Harder access Gold Use the wheel, access added XP Complete an cold afterwards aboriginal selecting it on the Cold Caster Bronze Absolute able-bodied done indeed!

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