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By: Dane Paris
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Lens <br /><br />Open your ears wide, because all the glories of the electronica universe are about to come pouring into your mind by way of your audio canal; and all thanks to Lens. Drum-n-bass, trip-hop, downtempo, electro, progressive, ambient, jazz and experimental tweaks are all part of the heady mix that is Lens. This is songwriting outside the box and right up your alley if you like original, intelligent electronica music. <br /><br />Conjuring <br /><br />Music stimulates every conceivable feeling in a human being. &ldquo;Music can make you feel empowered, enlightened, excited, euphoric, dramatic, melancholy, relaxed, stylish and hypnotized.&rdquo; And with the mesmerizing fusion of styles at work in Lens&rsquo; music, there&rsquo;s no doubt these emotional/metaphysical explorations will bloom in the listener&rsquo;s mind as his music plays. <br /><br />If It Sounds Good <br /><br />The Lens philosophy of music is this: &ldquo;If it sounds good, it is good.&rdquo; While Lens sees nothing wrong with music that bears a message, the music itself is ultimately what is important. How does it make you feel? How do you react to it? A great message won&rsquo;t save bad music and great music will work with or without a message. &ldquo;I believe that music should be judged primarily on how it sounds and secondarily on what it says.&rdquo; Lens also feels that music has been denied proper focus in the way many popular artists become famous on image, not music. &ldquo;Too many pop stars sell music based on their looks, publicity stunts and a fake attitude or style they portray in videos.&rdquo; With Lens, image takes a back seat to simply creating great music. <br /><br />The Artist at Work <br /><br />&ldquo;I&rsquo;m always writing, recording and producing music.&rdquo; Lens isn&rsquo;t happy if the creative process isn&rsquo;t alive and kicking. Lens is collaborating with other artists for the forthcoming &ldquo;Hyperformations&rdquo; release, as well as an untitled six-track CD. Lens&rsquo; &ldquo;Night Drop&rdquo; is featured on the recently released &ldquo;Hello Future?&rdquo; compilation from Radical Turf Records. Lens is currently working with A&amp;R Select, the leading independent A&amp;R firm in Hollywood, CA. <br /><br />Review <br /><br />&ldquo;My god, what a riveting swirl of aural colors!&rdquo; A&amp;R Select

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