Several things that the wow classic gold

By: limmzhou
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But hey I see I don't agree with several things that the wow classic gold other guys have said so far. Personally I was raiding back then but not the endgame material and I'm not 100% sure what the best dps course were . But I'm not sure these guys are pros . And my personal experiences and memories doesn't fit in their narratives at least. So take all you read in the comment section.

I concur that all courses have their thing, but they ca meet exactly what you would like. In lvl 60 you visit people begin getting epic equipment from raids and you decide that you would like a number of that sweetness yourself. Actually you would like to see endgame raids with your Boomkin to get the bis gear (best in slot).

Yeah you are prob. Likely to have problems finding a guild that is gonna let you do this:p Actually trying to find a fantastic guild that's likely to allow you to fill in nighthaven wow gold any spot in the raid other than healer is prob. Going to be a real challenge (remember recovery gear most likely doesn't provide you with spell harm ).

I would say it is important to figure out what you would like to do and see whether your choice of course and spec will give that to you. I used to play with improve shaman, it had been my thing. But finding a good guild that will allow me to raid as enhance. yeah no. I had to go every time to resto. Being broke you can't manage to.

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