I remember grinding to the wow classic gold

By: limmzhou
Posted in: OSRS GOLD

I remember grinding to the wow classic gold naxxramas standing to get in a bunch of void crystals and the raid something like archetype crystals. I will never forget how finally among our rogues got the other binding from molten core off of gar and after Wrath of all Lich King she obtained her legendary sword.

It was a fantastic memory because repeat that day just for fun and we just chose to return. I remember traveling into arath Highlands just to talk to the guard to queue for Arathy Basin.

I recall the very first time I was level 40 I saw that a palladin jump from the Tower bubbling on how down consecrating the ground smashing the gold in wow classic hell out of all of the ogres that followed him down in Dungeon 0.5 gear that was the afternoon I decided to make a paladin I was sick of dying on my Warlock I was sick of fearing the dinosaurs and countless mob came back to kill me.

Trust me once I say that /two what's the place to be and trolling hard. Also it was where are you searching for Bar groups oh I recall when a few spells were learned from books. And believe I was there since 2004 for it.

But I could say one last thing that has been all nostalgia and previously the memories won't ever leave me I have Alzheimer's but the fact that you guys and a great deal of people want to try and raise that old game from the deceased I find it very moot I don't wish to return to those days I love how today.

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