Massive issue in Maplestory Items

By: limmzhou
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This dilemma was becoming a massive issue in Maplestory Items my own server and it is keeping me and a few of my buddies from creating some more characters on account of this lack of respect people are giving. I know "this is the world wide web, we can't control people on the internet" but what exactly the purpose of playing the sport if people scare away the players from the game?

Maplestory Experimental addition

Familiar fans will be changed based on tier. Higher tier familiars have a rise enthusiast while lower tiers are going to have weaker fans. By way of example, fall rate fans will be increased by 20% per grade. This usually means that the treasured Big Spiders enthusiast to drop rate will likely be cut in half (down to 40%), since it's uncommon. However, a recognizable like Castellan will be raised to 100 percent as it's Omega (stocks the buff effects of Legendary). People won't like this because this will ruin the readily accessable drop rate buff the Big Spider gives. But if you want my opinion, an 80% drop speed enthusiast shoulnt be so easily accessable to begin with. I would like to inspire players to select rarer, stronger familiars. It may be bothering to buy Maplestory Mesos no longer be able to acquire a godly drop impact effortlessly, but as I stated, it would be fair if this kind of effect was harder to get and came on a stronger familiar.

This is my idea summed up (the little details aren't to important). Presently only a select few familiars are used, and barely any do even marginally good assault (especially in reboot). Thank you for reading!

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