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Pencil sharpeners are a very common item andcan be found in classrooms, art studios, and even offices all over thecounty. If you use a pencil, you're going to need a pencil sharpener,and German-based office machine titan Dahle has a great sharpener onthe market. It is called the "Chubby" pencil sharpener and while thename might make it sound like this gadget is just for kids, anyone whoneeds a pencil sharpener will enjoy using Chubby. Here are the topseven reasons why the Chubby pencil sharpener is good for people of allages.

    1. It is cute. Yes, it is possible for a pencilsharpener to be cute. Chubby was designed so that it can fitcomfortably in the palm of your hand, so your hand won't get worn outwhen you sharpen your pencils. Plus, the lid is available in threedifferent colors (blue, red, and yellow)

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  1. so it's perfect for kids.    It is also small. Chubbyis a small pencil sharpener and it is lightweight, too. That makes itperfect for use at school and at home. It's easy to transport so eitheryou or your kids can take Chubby with you wherever you go. You can putit in your pocket, pencil box, backpack or briefcase.    What do you need to sharpen? Chubbycan sharpen your typical, everyday, No. 2 graphite pencil. If you needto sharpen colored pencils, Chubby can help you out with that, as well.   Great design. The Chubby's shavings cuphas a round bottom, which not only makes this sharpener ergonomicallyfriendly, it means it is easy to empty the cup when it is full. The cupis clear plastic, so you can easily see when it's time to make a tripto the garbage can.    Replaceable blades.If you use a pencil sharpener enough, at some point the sharpener'sblades are going to get dull. With Chubby, you can replace the blades,if needed, so you can continue to use to Chubby for a long time.    The quality - and price - can't be beat. Dahleputs a lot of effort into the design and manufacturing of all theirproducts, from their most expensive paper shredder all the way down toa humble product like Chubby. Even though Chubby only costs $3.95, it'sstill a great product that was made with the same care and attention asother, more expensive Dahle products.    It is great for all ages. Itis obvious that the Chubby pencil sharpener will appeal to kids thanksto its whimsical design and cute name. But this item is great foranyone of any age that needs a high-quality pencil sharpener,especially since it's so affordable.

Whetheryou're an artist who needs a sharpener for your latest creative projector the parent of a child who needs a new pencil sharpener for schooluse, you should check out the Chubby pencil sharpener. It's affordable,cute, and useful, and it's made by a great company that really caresabout its products. So get the Chubby pencil sharpener today and startsharpening those pencils!

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