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The origin of the name before, there are many rumors about the new girl group name of YG Entertainment, whether it is TLC-F, Magnum and BB Monster in In 2012, Jenny appeared in a video introducing children training on YG Entertainment on YouTube, with the word "Punk Punk" as the group's publicity name. However, these names are not Has been officially confirmed to be This new group of girl groups Until June 29, 2016, YG Entertainment Has announced the names of members and the official name of the group. "Black Ping is the intention for the opposite. Pink represents beauty. But beauty is not everything They are a team that doesn't only have a look. But still very talented " Every member has leadership in each area. Black Ping and YG decided that there would be no leader.

On August 8, 2016 at 15.00 hrs. Black Pink debuted at the showcase, along with the single album Square One, including behind-the-scenes music video for "Boom Bahiah "and" Whistler ". Both songs are released at 8:00 pm on digital music websites in South Korea and iTunes worldwide." Boom Bayah ", produced by Ted Dee, breaks and writes. With Bekka Boom Music Video directed by Seohoy - which is a song "Minimal Hip Hop" "Whistler", produced by Ted Good, breaks and futures, written by Ted Dee, and Bakeka Boom

The launch of Black Ping has been successful. By winning many great new artists such as Melon Music, Vodds, Golden Disk, Vodka And the Seoul Music Avoids. In addition, the Billboard ranks the band to be # 2 on the list of "Best New Pop Artists" for the year 2016.

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