What is the fastest way to get a job when you don't have any contacts?

10 months ago
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Really best way is to find 3-5 companies you want or would like to go for. (To do this you need internet and a phone)

- Call them up.

-Get through the gate keeper. (Reception)

-speak with the boss. (NOT HR)

- then over sell yourself on the phone. ( maybe not OVER sell but for sure do NOT UNDERSELL yourself.

- Even if the company "isn't hiring" the person that can change that is the boss or CEO or Managing Director etc...

- You want to arrange an interview.

- Turn up in a Suit and Tie. Regardless how big or small the company is.

- Then tell him what you can do for him and the company. Don't talk about your past job or employer. If he asks give a simple answer even if you didn't like your old boss don't get into it AT ALL.

- Do not talk about pay, holiday pay, health care, benefits etc... On the first interview.

- Then if he says "I like you, I'll call you back to arrange a trial." You have to say how about I start on Monday. Or tomorrow. Close him there and then. Do not let him waste time.

- After the interview thank him for the opportunity and let him know how happy or pleased you are to work with him.

I hope this helps.

10 months ago
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I can't tell the job to get simple. I've been looking for work for weeks.   Because of the quarantine, I was out of a job.

10 months ago
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So job interview tomorrow. it's not a long term job, just something to keep me going during the lockdowns until life turns to normal again. so i'm going to study tell me about yourself example https://mrsimon.ai/tell-me-about-yourself/

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Last month I was interviewed by a sales manager. The questions related to the work of the car dealership and car models. It was also a question about my education and asked to talk about myself. It helped me to get an interview last Thursday and get a long-awaited job.

Touseef ahmed
Touseef ahmed
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you're right. During the pandemic, many were left without work. But not so bad. There are companies that have started a new business and such companies publish vacancies

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