In which country are you ready to open your own development office?

6 months ago
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In which country are you ready to open your own development office?

6 months ago
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The countries leading are the United States, India and the Philippines.    But the main thing is the staff. Many companies are looking for the best IT developers in Eastern Europe

6 months ago
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Software development is an advanced popular area in Ukraine.  The advantages of Ukrainian IT professionals have already been appreciated by many world business leaders. Oracle, Boeing, Siemens, Samsung, Ericsson and others already in Ukraine 
It is easy to open your own development office in Ukraine now. You can contact the business process outsourcing company Alcor. This company will be able to find for you the best developers among 200,000 IT professionals in Ukraine.  Also, the Alcor team will take over all the issues that will concern the opening of the office (rent of premises, purchase of equipment, etc.) 
The advantage of opening your own development office is obvious. 
1. You get access to qualified professionals,  
2. You reduce the cost of maintaining the office and staff in your country 
3. You get a team of like-minded people. Your developers are employees of your company, part of your corporate culture and fully committed to your goals.

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