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In the warm-up match on Saturday,Denmark defeated Mexico 2-0,which was the last warm-up match before the Danish World Cup.The team's Leicester City goalkeeper Josh Schmeichel is confident of the team's World Cup prospects.

He even told reporters from Denmark's "Extra News": "I think we can win the World Cup."

When the reporter asked if this was true,Schumacher confirmed: "We can certainly win the World Cup.Don't forget Leicester City in 2016.At that time we also won.Everyone felt that it was impossible.I I have always believed that we can win.Why not think so?"

"We have nothing to FIFA 18 Coins complain about.We played well for Sweden and for the warm-up match against Mexico.But it doesn't matter.We won confidence from it,but the World Cup is not the same stage."

The recent performance of the Danish team is indeed quite eye-catching.Their last loss dates back almost two years.It was on October 11,2016,when they lost to Montenegro in the World Cup qualifiers.

In this World Cup,Denmark and Peru,Australia and France are assigned to Group C and will face Peru in the first match of the group stage on June 16.

Before the resignation of former Real Madrid coach Zida,he was almost certain to sign Lemar for Real Madrid.

A reporter named Damien Degorre revealed FIFA 18 Coins that Lemar had promised that Zidane would join Real Madrid and that the original transaction would be completed with 60 million Euros,but Zidane announced his resignation later.And now it seems that Lemar is closer to joining Atletico.

Previously,"French football" also had similar news,saying that Liverpool striker Mani agreed to join Real Madrid before Zidane resigned,but Zidane's resignation changed the situation.

Find new goalkeeper! This may be the topic FIFA 18 Coins most concerned by Liverpool fans this summer,but team reporter Mardock revealed that Liverpool did not make any progress in the "seeking door".

Maddock said,"Liverpool has no progress in finding new goalkeepers.The price of Obraq is too high.Liverpool will not offer 88 million pounds.At the same time,the source revealed that it is very difficult to take Alisson from Rome.Liverpool may have turned its target elsewhere.Southampton goalkeeper McCarthy appeared on the radar."

Swiss winger Shaqiri confirmed that he will leave Stoke City.Southampton coach Mark Hughes intends to sign the veteran.Hughes brought Shachri to Stoke City and Southampton prepared to FIFA 18 Coins activate sand.Chiri's 12 million pounds settlement option.

Shaqiri said:"I will leave Stoke City and it's not a secret.I think I'm best suited to the Premier League.I'm willing to stay in England but I don't rule out other possibilities.The Premier League has the best player in the world.The best league is as simple as that."

Spurs are also paying attention to Shaqiri,who is preparing for the World Cup.Last season,Shaqiri Ying exceeded the field 36 times and scored 8 goals,but Stoke City relegated.In the 1-1 draw with Switzerland in Spain,Shaqiri kicked the game.

Real Madrid forward Benzema claimed that the goal in the Champions League final against Liverpool was not due to luck.The French made use of Carrius's turnover errors to open the record for FIFA 18 Coins Real Madrid.In the end,Real Madrid won the European Championship with a 3-1 score.

Benzema spoke of this goal in an interview with Kuwaiti television.He did not think it was all about luck.Benzema has been excluded from the list of French and Russian World Cup national teams by Deschamps.

"My goal in Kiev wasn't because of luck.I don't believe in good luck either.It's a matter of work.Goals are easy,but you have to be there,in the right place and right Time scored that goal."

Scholes said recently that if Manchester United want to FIFA 18 Coins reach the Champions League finals like Liverpool,they need to sign special players like Gareth Bell.

Scholes said:"If Mourinho wants to make some changes in the summer transfer market and sign new aid,I think he can look for new ways to play,maybe even more pleasing football,who We do not know,we know.

"A lot of things may happen this summer,let's expect the team to come close again (the top team).We need to sign some good attackers,I think the current team's core lineup is already very good,there are Some great young shooters.

"I think Mourinho may need to give Lukaku some help.Lukaku looks like the only orthodox center in the team.It's hard to say who is right for the team.Is Bell an optional goal? What about players like Neymar? I don't know,but I think this type of special player is what Manchester United needs.

"If you want to reach the Champions League final,the team still needs a substantial increase.I think there are already many top teams in the Champions League.For now,their strength is not close to them."