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UEFA has agreed to set up a working group to FIFA Coins investigate the ticket prices of the Champions League.

Rome announced this week that the away tickets in the second round of the Champions League semi-finals were priced at £73 each, which led to dissatisfaction with Liverpool fans. When Chelsea made a guest trip to Rome last October, their fans paid only 44 pounds for the same seat. At the same time, Liverpool's ticket price to Roma fans in the first round of the Champions League semi-final was only 48 pounds.

After learning of the fans' dissatisfaction, Liverpool officially contacted UEFA this week to discuss the issue. UEFA said earlier that they are very concerned about the inequality of fares between home and away fans. It is reported that after the UEFA has established a working group, Liverpool will also join it, hoping to find a solution.

In the previous quarter-finals with Porto in the Champions League, Liverpool fans were also dissatisfied with the fare set by the other side. Porto charges £66 for Liverpool fans, and their home fans need only pay £22 to join as members.

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In a recent interview, the former German coach Klinsmann FIFA Coins believes that his friend Luf is likely to coach a top-level club in the future.

In an interview with "Kicker", Klinsmann said: "On his level, we only talk about the top six teams in the world. If one of them happens to be at the right time, then I can imagine that this will make Love move.At that time coaching Bayern Munich stirred my interest.If Real Madrid or Barcelona is interested in Love, then perhaps it will make him tempted."

At the same time, Klinsmann also said: "It is a blessing for the German Football Association to have Loew. The German Football Association tried to keep him for a long time."

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Henesse To win the championship

By lolgavip, 2018-04-16

In the Champions League semifinals, Bayern Munich will play FIFA Coins  against Real Madrid. For this result, Bayern's two big brothers also talked about their own views.

In an interview, the Chairperson J. Hennesse said: "If you want to win the Champions League, you must beat the best team."

CEO Rummenigge said: "This kind of showdown will ensure that the fans can see two exciting matches. I am very much looking forward to such a match. It is obvious who is the hottest side of the Champions League in the past two years."

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Brighton guard Liam Rosenell said that due to  FIFA Coins Manchester City's style, other English Premier League teams have become tactically better this season.

Guardiola's team beat other English Premier League opponents on the basis of offensive and ball handling. They are now within easy reach of the Premier League title.

Brighton defender Rosenell believes that this also helps other teams in the league to improve their tactical level.

In the "The Debate" program, Rosenberg said: "This season, Manchester City's gift to the league is to improve the tactics of other teams in the league, and better understand the game."

Guardiola has been brought to this country. "He's actually challenging other coaches and teams."

Football reporter Matthew Saeed has said it will not be that easy for Manchester City next season.

Sayed added: "Two years ago, these had happened once in Leicester City." People found that they did not change the way they played in Leicester City. "

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