Why Many Players Dislike PoE Bestiary League?

By: makebloom
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In Path of Exile, I believe that many collectors of poe exalted orb like me do not like this league, I think that the bestiary league is by far the worst league I've experienced, enough that it has made me all but stop playing. But why, the following points are the reasons.

1. Bad leagues and breach saving them. Until this league. Breach league was aviable on Zana. So that's why nobody cared that much when there was a bad league. Like harbringer or abyss. I'm not saying both of those leagues are terrible. But the thing is. They werent good. And every "meh" league u could skip that just by playing breach with zana mod and forget about the league. People used to play a league because it was a something new. But after those leagues people just played it cause they didn't wanted to deal with the stash tab removing in the standart.

2. Bestiary itself. Remember legacy league? I don't think that was a terrible league. It was 'ok'. Cause there was a bunch of legacy items. And especially eternal orb and item quantity gem. There were back again. And it made veteran players come back and play again. Also not because of that. Because there was a every league. And now look at the bestiary. It's same thing but with less fun. You do same things except you just fight and catch beasts instead of getting treasure key drops. They also give items that legacy league gave.

3. Promises and lies. Do you remember when GGG said. "Were gonna remove harbringer orbs and tempest binding cause orbs destroy mapping idea. And tempest binding is so powerfull item. (Now they are back) In abyss league they said they're gonna remove nemesis mod cause its unfair. In this league you can get it in zana lvl 4.

They are trying to add new things and remove things from the game to balance it. I mean. Nobody mentions those new 50 prophecies. Right? I mean great they did good job. But that's not what people wanted.

What's your opinoin? Do you like the Bestiary League? If you don't want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, you can keep an eye on poe currency purchase.

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