How to control the quality of the software?

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By: maritana
Posted in: How to control the quality of the software?

tell me please how I can control the quality of the software ? What is the period of the software?

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11/09/19 08:41:38PM @tolstunchik:
You need to keep track of the relevance of your web and mobile development. This is very important given the competition online. If you have a goal of profit and business development, I recommend contacting openGeeksLab to develop your software. This company has extensive experience in implementing software in business
11/08/19 07:12:40PM @zerrin:
What does your company do? There are, of course, periods of relevance for the software. This issue needs to be discussed with the developers
10/24/19 12:49:11PM @shokolad:
Everything has its due date. The software has, too. This is a period of relevance for a given period of time. Now we are developing software for mobile applications and lite versions for websites You'd better discuss software updates with developers. They are exactly keeping an eye on the IT market demand