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Self-taught, piano player and avid music composer from the age of thirteen.<br />I like to write by ear because it&#39;s more emotional to me.<br />In 2003 after moving to London, I set up a home studio, and began recording my debut instrumental-electronic album Atmosphere.<br />In 2005 I released my second album Time and am presently working on my third album &quot;Love&quot;. <br />The biggest influences for me were composers such as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Enigma &amp; Didier Marouani.<br />Probability of alteration or the assistance of a computer&quot; - remains unique among my peers - a method I refer to as &quot;direct electronic intervention.&quot; <p>I am currently seeking a label which can develop my music and assist me in reaching out to a wider audience. </p><p>I am accredited with a World Music Foundation Diploma it music composition, based in London, and am a registered member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. </p>


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user image 2007-06-13
By: maximilian
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I would to move into other media formats including film, bespoke music themes score, TV, commercials, soundtrack, adverts, radio, recordings, video games, sound effects libraries and other multimedia formats. <p>I am also experienced with audio post production, sound design. I envisage that my innovative compositions would one day form well known scores and themes. Sincerelly Yours, Maximilian (Mus Dip) </p>

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