Jagex, creators and custodians of the iconic living game RuneScape, has announced that Archaeology, a new skill for RuneScape and one of the most powerful ever, will be added game. Skill system is the most important feature in Old School RuneScape, enabling players to train and level up various abilities to shape their character, and the introduction of Archaeology will begin a major expansion with both a deeply integrated new skill and five massive new locations to explore.

RuneScape's 28th skill has players journeying into and excavating five vast dig sites in search of artefacts and relics. Archaeology will dive deep into the game's lore and sets up a replacement and epic storyline that's connected to the world's original creators, the Elder Gods.

The new Archaeology skill encompasses a 120 level cap and is offered to both RuneScape members and free players as soon because it launches. Players will excavate and restore artefacts using their gathering talents. Furthermore, discovery of ancient RS Gold relics will unlock powerful perks like adrenaline boosts, infinite run energy and far more.

Players also will discover ancient training methods for other skills. Ancient Summoning will enable them to bind the demonic slayer creatures of the planet, while Ancient Invention uncovers forgotten ancient technology and blueprints that enable players to make fresh devices and perks by dissembling the artefacts found.

Who will win the race to 120 first? And more to the purpose, who are going to be the primary to grab the all new skilling pet, Archie the kid mummy? RuneScape's first big update of 2020 also lays the inspiration for a dramatic year ahead.

Dave Osborne, the Lead Designer of RuneScape explains that archaeology is so much more than a skill – every dig site will tell a story, which will bring multiple new areas and significant new ways to play RuneScape when it drops in-game on March 30th. As players empower relics, uncover artefacts and improve their Archaeology abilities, secrets of a future story arc will unfold. We can't wait to begin revealing more of the mystery surrounding Archaeology over the months to come.

The designer said that in order to attract more potential paying users, they will provide free players with a certain amount of game time. In about two hours of game time, free-to-play players can practice archaeology skills to level 20. However, if you want to continue training on this skill, you need to subscribe to the game and become a member, so that you can practice archaeology up to 120 levels and you can explore more ancient ruins to obtain unique rewards and items. If you want to start Old School RuneScape Gold archaeology in the game after reading this article, then I suggest you take a look at GOLDRS.com, where you can buy cheap and safe OSRS Gold. If you register as a member, you can also enjoy additional member discounts on the basis of low prices. Most importantly, GOLDRS is a trusted website and supports multiple payment methods. If you want to obtain a large amount of RuneScape Gold in a short period of time, then you can go to their page.

In recent years, RuneScape has become popular again, the main reason is the release of Old School RuneScape and its mobile version. Many people may find it hard to imagine why an old online game more than a decade ago was so popular after it was re-released, but players who pursue nostalgia can understand this.

In the years after the release of Old School RuneScape, the annual income of developer Jagex has continued to grow for 5 consecutive years, which gives them full confidence in the future of the RuneScape series. Recently, they planned to take some measures to further increase the number of RuneScape players. The developers of Jagex announced on the official website that now any player using an Android phone can download the game for free in the Google Play store, and players can get the same game experience on the mobile version as they do on their computers. The mobile version for iOS devices has not yet been developed, so RuneScape players using Apple phones need to continue to wait.

The developer stated that all functions of the RuneScape mobile version will be exactly the same as the PC client. In addition, in order to motivate players to participate in the preemptive experience, developer Jagex also distributed exclusive founder's pack for players in the mobile version of RuneScape, which includes a Steel Panther combat set, a unique rest animation, and the Radiant Dawn armour. It is worth noting that the developers The user interface in the game has been modified to make it easier for players to experience the game on touch screen devices. In other words, if you feel that playing Cheap OSRS Gold games on the mobile phone screen looks too small, you can also use the Android tablet to experience it.

Jagex brings more surprises to players than that. The developer stated that if you are playing RuneScape for the first time, the new tutorial will make it easier for you to learn about the game. In addition, players in the mobile version of RuneScape experience a new combat mechanism, which is customized by Jagex for mobile players. In addition, the visual effects of the game have been improved, and players can now enjoy clearer game graphics on the screen.

It is worth noting that although any player using an Android phone can download the game client for free, if you want to participate in the preemptive experience event, you need to Buy RuneScape Gold become a member of the RuneScape subscription first. Member prices are not high, players only need to spend 7 pounds or 11 dollars per month to become a member. If you choose to become an annual member, you can also enjoy certain discounts. However, since the mobile version of RuneScape may be closed someday in the future, it is not recommended to pay a one-year membership fee. In addition, GOLDRS also prepared surprises for players who are playing Old School RuneScape. Now, this professional third-party game service provider is holding an event. Anyone who buys OSRS Gold from GOLDRS can not only enjoy the lowest price and fast delivery, but also participate in the draw. Want to get more cheap RuneScape Gold? Welcome to GOLDRS!

Recently, players in World of Warcraft have reported to the game community that they have encountered a problem that seriously affects the game experience, that is, a large number of resources necessary for life and some rare monsters are being monopolized by robot accounts. There are many different resources in the game, and as most players have reached level 60, those high-level resources have become scarce. Some illegal groups began to monopolize these precious resources through robot accounts to sell them at high prices, which caused other players on the server to suffer. Not only that, they even invested in WOW Classic Gold to affect the economic system in the game, causing inflation. The result of this is that the WOW Classic Gold in the hands of players will depreciate every day, and players will have to spend more money on the same items.

In the past few months, players have often seen robot accounts wandering in high-level areas. They can accurately distinguish different monsters and choose the most valuable main targets. These groups operate characters by running illegal scripts, thereby killing those rare WOW Classic Gold For Sale monsters and obtaining the most valuable loot. The black lotus is currently the most sought-after item, and many high-level battles require the consumption of potions made of black lotus. Blizzard accepted the player's suggestions and banned these robot accounts. In total, about 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic accounts were hit in this operation.

World of Warcraft Classic may be a punishing game purposely, a harkening-back to the first days of World of Warcraft. It boasts little of the expediency that defines modern massively multiplayer online role-playing games; everything is an intentionally slow grind. to get a Black Lotus, players had to spot the particular spots where they spawn and camp there for between 45 and 75 minutes, waiting and heading off any competitors. For the last several months, when human-run characters attempted to muscle their way into the combination, coordinated groups of bots threatened them or closed ranks round the flower. So in late May, Loknar—who plays a healing priest in WoW Classic but still tries to kill bots whenever he sees them—decided to carry an anti-bot protest within the in-game city of Orgrimmar.

"There were over 50 people doing a line walk and yelling," says Loknar. He was trying to draw attention to the problem, asking passersby to not buy the Black Lotuses that bots placed on the business firm at an inflated 300 gold. (The normal price on most servers, he says, is about half that.) Loknar made a racket, but the mafia knew a way to shut him up. The bots mass-reported him to publisher Blizzard for "abusive chat." Blizzard muted Loknar’s account, and people of other protest participants, for twenty-four hours. within the meantime, the bots got their Black Lotuses to the auction houses, where they maintained their monopoly.

Google is a very useful tool, it can always provide people with results that meet the requirements, regardless of whether their purpose is good or bad. As long as a player needs it, he can always search dozens of different scripts or codes on Google. These illegal tools can automatically operate the characters in World of Warcraft Classic to complete specific actions. Many players choose to use scripts to level up or automatically kill monsters and collect loot to earn WOW Classic Gold when working or sleeping. But it is worth noting that most of these scripts contain Trojan horse programs, they can directly steal all the resources you get in the game. For the security of your World of Warcraft Classic account, please stay away from illegal scripts and robot programs. If you read this article and want to enjoy the best WOW Classic, then I have a good news for you. The best game currency store MMOWTS is holding an event, they sell the safe and fast WOW Classic at the lowest price. If you register as a member at MMOWTS, you can also enjoy more member discounts! Want to buy Classic WOW Gold? Please visit MMOWTS.com

Not long ago, the game developer Jagex from the UK decided to temporarily close the Bounty Hunter worlds in Old School RuneScape in order to restrict the gold farmers in the game. At this time we have no way of knowing when the minigame will start again, but we can look forward to some more interesting things - according to the news released by Jagex on the official website of RuneScape, the developers are modifying the current PvP mechanism to enable it adapt to the needs of different players.

Jagex said in a statement posted on the official website that this is the best opportunity to make changes. Developers will not only target Bounty Hunter, but will also thoroughly improve the entire PvP mechanism. Whether for the game itself or the player, PvP gameplay is the core part of the game. In order for Old School RuneScape to have a better future, PvP also needs to become better. The goal of the developers is to set a clear direction for the long-term development of PvP, rather than making some simple modifications to it every time the version is updated, which requires them to design the game content more rationally.

PvP's transformation plan may last for several months, during which developers will interact with players in the game community to adopt the most reasonable ideas and make them a reality. In addition, they are working on a method to continuously monitor Bounty Hunter and take timely actions to resolve Cheap OSRS Gold anomalies. If this plan is successful, it will not be far from Bounty Hunter worlds restart. Some players have reported that the closure of Bounty Hunter worlds will prevent them from receiving unique item rewards. The developers said that during the closure period, players can purchase these unique items directly in stores elsewhere.

Some players learned from the update announcement on the official website of RuneScape that Bounty Hunter worlds were closed. In the statement, Jagex regretted the temporary shutdown of Bounty Hunter worlds and claimed that the game will be restored to normal as soon as possible. The main reason for turning off this mode is that there are some unobvious loopholes in its own rules and technology, and gold farmers have discovered these problems and used them to produce OSRS Gold that far exceeds the normal level.

Jagex said that although RuneScape Gold produced by gold farmers using this method has not caused serious damage to the economic system in the game, other relevant content in the game and the overall integrity of the game have been affected. Simply turning it off will not completely solve the problem, but from the current point of view this is the best option. In order to completely remedy this problem, developers are considering the best measures based on the game technology and the rules themselves. If you are one of the Old School RuneScape players and are concerned that buying illegal OSRS Gold will damage your account, then I suggest you choose the safest game currency store, GOLDRS.com. This is a professional third-party game service website designed to provide professional services for RuneScape players. The RuneScape Gold they sell is completely obtained manually and is legal. If you have other problems, their professional team and 24-hour online customer service will also solve it for you. Welcome to visit GOLDRS and Buy RS Gold.

Recently RuneScape has once again triggered heated discussions between players and the general population, but this time because of a bad news. An investigation report issued by the British Parliament pointed out that the infamous micro-transaction system in RuneScape caused some players to spend a lot of money and even brought the entire family's economy on the verge of collapse. According to the introduction, this RuneScape player spent a total of more than $61,000 in the game over the years, far exceeding the limit his family can afford.

If you have ever seen the Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson, you may remember one of the important characters, Elrond. He has a line in the movie that can be quoted: "I was there Gandalf, I was there 3000 years ago when the strength of men failed". As he said, when Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, first introduced the microtransaction system to the game, I was there. I witnessed the changes that microtransactions brought to the game.

When Jagex released news about the upcoming micro-transaction system in RuneScape, I immediately went to the gaming community to observe the players' views on this matter. I must admit that in a game that lasted more than 10 years, I have never seen users in the community as angry and worried as they were. Obviously, from the beginning, they saw how the micro-transaction system would endanger the game. The developer Jagex is obviously more concerned about the rapid growth of revenue in the short term, and the future of this game is not within their consideration.

The result is obvious. Microtransactions plus a completely modified combat system directly led to the demise of RuneScape 2. This is why Jagex chose to Buy OSRS Gold redeploy the server for RuneScape's 2007 version, because doing so can effectively save some players. This is what we call Old School RuneScape today.

In fact, microtransactions did not initially cause major changes in the game, because players can not spend real money to quickly obtain a large number of useful items from Sequel of Fortune. However, the developers later modified Sequel of Fortune to make it a slot machine in the game. Players can earn exponentially improved rewards in the game including experience boosters, gears and cloak, by spending money. This situation has caused a huge change in players' perception of the game, and many players have posted messages in the community expressing their anger and complaints. In the initial game, it takes time for players to complete each goal. Now, players who use microtransactions can skip this time by spending money, which gives them a huge advantage.

And after many years, the main reason for this system to reignite people's discussion is attributed to an investigation report issued by the British Parliament. The report pointed out that an adult male spent more than £50,000 (approximately US$61,000) in RuneScape's micro-transaction system, which caused major economic damage to the entire family. But with the help of GOLDRS, this situation will be completely improved. Because GOLDRS is a game currency store with many years of experience, it sells the cheapest Old School RuneScape Gold on the market every day. Their goal is to help players spend less money to enjoy the game. At GOLDRS, you can buy the cheapest RuneScape Gold, then trade with other players in the game and get any items you need.

If you feel bored at home, you can try RuneScape

By meilleursDofuskamas, 2020-06-16

As COVID-19's influence in the world becomes wider and wider, more people have to stay at home to achieve self-isolation. There is no doubt that life is always the most important. The quarantine ban not only has an impact on industrial production, but it may also make people feel lost. We all know that most people like to travel in their spare time or go for a walk in the park, which can help them relax.

Since most businesses stop running, many people are not working, which leaves them a lot of free time. But because they can only stay at home, people have to find some ways to kill time, and games are one of the best choices. With these more and more, we can obviously feel that games are becoming more popular, and many people who do not play games will also find some games they are interested in because of boredom. Mobile games are clearly popular, because almost everyone has a mobile phone, which is the most convenient platform for playing games. At the same time, some players choose old games that have been running for many years, because they finally have enough time to pursue their memories, and nostalgia is always fascinating.

RuneScape is undoubtedly one of the oldest MMORPGs, its release time is even earlier than Blizzard's World of Warcraft, and its developer Jagex is quickly familiar to OSRS Gold players because of this game. The main scene of RuneScape is the fantasy world, where there are many kingdoms and some different regions and cities. Strictly speaking, this game does not have a linear main story, so players can freely take risks in this open world according to their own wishes. They can kill monsters through battle, exchange loot with other players, and can also master crafting skills to produce Various useful items. The game is so interesting that more and more new players join the world of Gelinor every day.

Before officially starting the game, players need to create a character. You can adjust your avatar in the game according to your appearance. Players can modify hair style, skin color and facial features at any time when creating characters. Although the visual effects of this game cannot be compared with works such as FF XIV, it is enough for each player to create his own unique adventurer.

It is worth noting that the skill system in the game is different from most MMORPGs on the market. Players do not increase skill levels by allocating skill points, but need to constantly use skills to improve proficiency and upgrade, also known as skill training. For example, if you want to improve the level of mining skills, you need to spend a lot of time in the quarry to continuously receive ore. The higher your mining skill level, the more raw materials you can get while mining.

The universal currency in the game is RuneScape Gold, and almost all transactions in the game require the use of RS Gold, either between players or between players and NPCs. In addition, there are some other types of currencies in the game, but the scope of use is very narrow. There are many ways to get OSRS Gold in the game, and the fastest way is to buy RuneScape Gold in a third-party online store. The store I recommend to you is GOLDRS, a Old School RuneScape Gold supplier with many years of experience. They are currently holding an event. You can use the order number to draw a lottery every time you place an order. If you are interested, you can give it a try.

World of Warcraft's latest expansion Battle for Azeroth has lasted for two years and is about to enter the end stage recently. Almost all World of Warcraft players know this and look forward to the next new expansion, because BlizzCon had announced some plans related to the new expansion named Shadowlands as early as BlizzCon in November last year.

However, because COVID-19 quickly caused huge damage to the world in a few months, Blizzard Studio's game development work has also been seriously affected. The Shadowlands expansion originally planned to be launched in the first half of 2020 may not be able to reach players within the expected time. open. Blizzard has taken some remedies for this, and they have released an update with multiple new content called Visions of N'Zoth. Players have not only ushered in many new challenges, but also a new corruption system, which allows players to obtain some equipment with powerful special capabilities.

Buy WOW Classic Gold

Recently, Blizzard has launched a new incident again, called Winds of Wisdom. During the duration of the time, all players will get the buff of Winds of Wisdom, whose function is to directly increase the experience gained by players through any means by an additional 100%. This is good news for players who want to create multiple characters. After the COVID-19 isolation is officially launched, WOW Classic Gold For Sale players have to stay at home, and the game is the best choice to kill time. Blizzard announced in the previous news that the duration of Winds of Wisdom is one month, and with the lengthening of the isolation operation, Blizzard has also extended the duration of the buff to meet the needs of the public.

It is worth noting that when the Shadowlands expansion is officially released, the XP bonus buff will disappear immediately. Because Blizzard will enable a new level system in Shadowlands expansion, the player's level cap will be reduced directly from the current 120 to 60, which allows players to level more quickly. Of course, a shorter time means that the player cannot fully understand all the content of the expansion that the game has released, so the system provides players with an opportunity to choose, you can choose the expansion you want to play according to your interests and spend it in it. Pass the journey from level 10 to level 50.

For new players, doing anything in Shadowlands will be easier than it is now, because Blizzard has optimized almost all the systems in the game to make it friendly to novice. Considering that Shadowlands is still months away from the official release, if you want to spend this time more easily, then create a few new characters or practice your current character to level 120 before the end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion Is a good choice. Don't worry that you will feel lonely in the low-level area. Now that many players are playing their new roles, you can easily find like-minded teammates. If you prefer nostalgia, then World of Warcraft Classic is more suitable for you. In addition, I recommend that you go to the official website of MMOWTS to see and experience their excellent World of Warcraft Classic Gold. MMOWTS is a professional game currency sales website. You can not only buy WOW Classic Gold there, but also buy any items you need in the game. In addition, their WOW Classic Gold is always the cheapest on the market, you can save a lot of money by buying WOW Classic Gold at MMOWTS.

We have reason to believe that when the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft is released, everything in the game will be changed. At least the chef developer of World of Warcraft thinks so.

In the last few months, all World of Warcraft players are looking forward to the future of this game, because more and more news related to new developments has been revealed. Blizzard tried to improve the system that some players complained about through the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft called Shadowlands, and introduced more attractive new content and new mechanisms. We can find that since Blizzard announced the name of the new expansion at BlizzCon in 2019, developers have also constantly introduced various new content for the current game, such as new environments, new characters and new mechanisms.

The current expansion of the world is called Battle for Azeroth, which was officially launched as early as 2018. At that time, many players were disappointed with the WOW Classic Gold For Sale expansion, because the game provided a very bad leveling experience. The maximum level of players is up to 120, and players can only participate in the more exciting endgame contents before they reach 120, so they must endure the boring leveling process for several weeks. After 2020, the situation has improved. In order to officially end the war between the Horde and the Alliance, a new terrorist enemy named N'zoth appeared in the game. This is an old god who escaped from prison and has the power to corrode everything. This allows those World of Warcraft players who repeat the same work every day to finally have a new attack target.

What further enhances the appeal of the retail version of World of Warcraft is the opening of the Shadowlands Alpha test server. Players participating in the test can find many features and data that will be added to the Shadowlands expansion in the game. Judging from the performance of the players, the content expanded by Shadowlands is not as mediocre as they thought.

Along with a return-to-form in systems design, the plot of Shadowlands continues the story which began in Legion, WoW's sixth expansion. Sylvanas, the corrupt chieftan of the horde-turned-evil-madwoman has struck a pander to the eponymous Jailer, who holds together the material of the Shadowlands and rules over the Maw. The Shadowlands themselves are the worlds one enters after they die. The Arbiter, a mysterious being atop of Oribos, the undying city, sends mortal souls to numerous covenants supported the actions they took in their lives. for instance, the vampire-like Venthyr reside within the gothic landscapes of Revendreth. Sinful souls are sent to Revendreth and are made to be rehabilitated by the venthyr. If the soul is rehabilitated, it can then opt to become a component of the Venthyr or get sent to a different realm and serve it for all eternity.

Surprisingly, Sylvanas learned the secret of Helm of Domination somehow. To this end, she fought a fierce battle with the second Lich King and successfully destroyed the Helm of Domination. The channel between life and death is broken, and the most direct conflict between the present and the afterlife begins. And the biggest secret in Shadowlands has also been exposed to the player-all the original souls will be distributed in Shadowlands according to their pre-life conditions, so as to be reincarnated. Now, all the souls in Shadowlands are sent into the Maw and fall into chaos, because the Maw is mainly used to punish the most evil souls. To understand the root cause of this secret, players need to start a dangerous journey in Shadowlands and must join one of the four covenants. In order to allow players who are playing World of Warcraft Classic to get a better gaming experience, MMOWTS will serve the players wholeheartedly. At present, this professional game currency sales website is holding an event. Any player can buy Classic WOW Gold at the lowest price on the market. Want to get more World of Warcraft Classic Gold? Please visit the official website of MMOWTS.