World of Warcraft awakens the memories of old players again with the Classic version

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Game Director Ion Hazzikostas recently talked about his views on the WoW Classic project, including the reasons for the project's birth, the serious challenges it will face in the future, and the importance of effective communication with players through the community.

Hazzikostas itself is a user in the World of Warcraft community. As the game director, he needs to understand the players' thoughts and needs through the community in time. This is one of the important steps to make World of Warcraft more satisfying to players. His nickname in the community is Watcher, which cleverly indicates his identity, and he uses pictures of ancient gods as avatars. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap Classic WOW Gold, stay tuned for more at ZZWOW.

Hazzikostas first joined the World of Warcraft team during the development of the Wrath of the Lich King's Wrath extension. To ensure that the extension can be successfully released, multiple tests of the newly added raid are required to ensure that no problems occur in the game. The way to observe the test effect is to check the feedback provided by the players in the PTR in the community. Ten years later, he is now very familiar with the overall situation of World of Warcraft, and he is also responsible for the latest endeavor-WoW Classic of World of Warcraft, this version of World of Warcraft tries to bring players back to the Azeroth continent in 2004, That was when World of Warcraft was just released, everything was in its most primitive state.

Blizzard's development team didn't begin to value this idea recently: let players experience the most primitive World of Warcraft through the official server. At that time, players faced more difficult challenges than the current game, but they didn't care. What they need is the purest gaming experience. In fact, for many years, players have realized their dreams through private servers that value fans.

The widespread and unstable game services of private servers have triggered players' desire for the official version of WoW Classic, and many players have reflected in the community that they want to play WoW Classic on Blizzard's servers and are willing to pay for it. Hazzikostas said that the development team at that time devoted all their energies to the development of new extensions, and obviously they thought that making modern WoW better is more important than taking care of the needs of a small number of players. He himself was not optimistic about the idea, but continuous communication with community members gradually changed their views.

Until 2016, Nostalrius, the most successful vanilla WoW private server, was asked to shut down. The server had at most 100,000 active registered players. The closure of World of Warcraft Classic Gold Nostalrius prevented these players from continuing their nostalgic journey on the Azeroth continent, so they collectively submitted petitions that prompted Blizzard's development team to meet with the Nostalrius team and discuss the possibility of an official release of WoW Classic. But due to various technical difficulties, the development of Classic lasted a long time.

For the most part, the version of World of Warcraft that launches tonight as World of Warcraft Classic remains unchanged from the game that existed during Patch 1.12 in 2006. The game is based in the current, modern client, but Hazzikostas said the team effectively deleted most of the modern conveniences that come with that, such as the system for allowing people to find random party members to complete dungeons.

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