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About Mississippi Slim


The rap game just gave birth to a new species of hip-hop artist. Strapped with a multipurpose name that not only spell his name but also his upbringing and origin of the name. It was a self given name to describe the chances that he faced coming from the racially and economically challenged state that he has called home for twenty years. Which to this day holds the title of the lowest paid state in the U.S. 


Born October 23rd 1980, Slim was well groomed for the position he is trying to fill.  He’s the next Mississippi representative to hit the block soon.  At 25 years of age this rhyme veteran is straight to the point also known as the Jay-z of the south.  Though backwoods raised this ghetto lyricist possesses wide range vocabulary. With a testimony that takes his fan base on a trip to church in the intro, it makes a quick swing over to the struggles of the hood. Then a right turn into the club life of a “young whipper snapper with the swagger that it takes to survive in the game.”


He states, “My only downfall in this business is always being too real, I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things that humbles me. I realize I must always be ready in any situation. Be patient and remember the moves you made and make.  Always stay 10 steps ahead of the crowd.”


This southern being brings a style to the stage that seems more like preaching rather than rapping to a crowd at times. The album coming soon entitled “Hoodness” emphasizes just that. The main focus of this project is the everyday life, struggles and good times, of the hood. So whether you’re white, black, brown or purple, if you’re from the ghetto this one is recommended.


“Check My Swagger” at a venue near you courtesy of Blow Out Records.  11199 Englenook drive      Jacksonville Florida 32246 (904-859-6763) for more info or shows contact Aaron M. Teel.

Also see Mississippi Slim on Myspace.com/mississippislim04
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