Skull Trooper Returns to 'Fortnite' With Special Perks for Original Owners

By: mmotony
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Skull Trooper has returned to Fortnite: Battle Royale, as well as the Halloween skeleton-themed costume includes something extra special on this occasion.

Epic Games reintroduced the Skull Trooper outfit to the experience’s store on Tuesday morning just a couple of weeks before Halloween, but unlike most cosmetic item sets, this one is included with a number of Fortnite Items for sale Challenges. Skull Trooper is available within the Item Shop to anyone for 1,500 V-Bucks (roughly $15), but there’s somewhat bit of extra something for players that already have it. They can decide on a purple glow for your skin instead in the standard white or light neon green. It’s very little, but keeping the purple glow means lots in terms of Fortnite street cred.

Regardless of if your player makes ownership of Skull Trooper, they’ll access challenges exclusive to your outfit, a lot like Tomatohead. Doing all five contains the player access with a Ghost Portal back bling that’s an eerie blue color.

The challenges are quite difficult:

Complete 7 Daily Challenges (7)
Play matches (50)
Play matches with no less than one elimination (14)
Search 10 chests in one match (10)
Deal destruction of opponents within a match (1,000)

Several of those Challenges are kind on the “set it and begin to forget it” type. Playing 50 total matches sounds like a good deal, but players have before the end of energy to achieve this so there’s no have to rush. Completing Daily Challenges accidentally happens at all times. For essentially the most part, mentioned very time-consuming. Opening 10 chests is definitely the most difficult, with dealing 1,000 damage the next-hardest.

According on the countdown for the in-game store, Skull Trooper really should be leaving the Item Shop at 8 p.m. Eastern, so there’s only much time left to assert the outfit. is capable of providing a better service for Fortnite Items trading. We have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.

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