MU Legend: Game Modes, Graphics And Various Gameplay Aspects

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On the continent MU, an exciting journey are waiting available for you. If you are satisfy with MU Legend's predecessor, MU Online. Needless to say, MU Legend is not going to let you down. Where is MU Legend, what features were taken over in the predecessor and exactly how were they improved?

For all those who have already played MU Online may find classic game elements that have already been linked to a fresh gaming experience. In the brand new part with the series, you may learn concerning the events that came about there before Kudun's attack. In September 2017 starts outside beta of MU Legend and opens you the gates forĀ MU Zen the world of the revolutionary action MMORPG.

You will fight monster hordes with all the redesigned Dark Lord class or one from the other three classes (Whisperer, Blader and War Mage) available to you up to now. Some skills are employed either for missions with the mainstory or sidequests distributed inside the areas of MU Legend. You will also find dungeons or rifts where you may choose the difficulty.

As the successor of MU Online, MU Legend, its test phase showcasing different factors such as rifts or level systems. If you have not literally game until now, you could possibly already have a feeling here and judge if the overall game suits you. Various skills are available for your requirements, that is specialized on single-target or surface damage depending within the game. Don't hesitate, there's cheap MU Legend Zen available for purchase in MMOAH.

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