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He is a young man, he is powerful, he has a lot of energy, and FUT Coins I am sure he will do the right job," Blatter said of Infantino, a former lawyer."It is a repetition of history, that is something," said Blatter, who previously traded barbs with Infantino as part of wider tensions between the two organizations. "If a majority of the 207 national associations so clearly indicated where they want to go then I can only say, 'Gianni, good luck and do it.'"

He guessed the outcome after seeing the first-round result in Friday's four-candidate vote. Infantino led 88-85 over pre-poll favorite Sheikh Salman of Bahrain."This means that everybody is going for the winner for the second (round)," said Blatter, who got two of his five FIFA election wins when his opponent conceded after trailing in the first round.

The tactical shifts Blatter predicted lifted Infantino to a decisive 115-88 victory. He understood on Thursday that the sheikh's front-runner status through much of a four-month campaign might fade."I was not surprised with the result when.

I have known the day before that there was Buy FIFA Coins no longer the packages by the confederations," he said, referring to potential bloc votes. "Finally, it was the African votes that have made all the difference."A key to Infantino's win was promising to more than double cash grants to the 209 member federations.

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