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Infantino said: "I don't agree that football is divided. Today it was an election, but not a war. It was a competition, but not a fight. It was a sporting contest. An election you win, you lose and then life goes on FUT Coins."I count very much on Africa as I count very much on Asia, and on Oceania and on North, Central, South America as well to work together.

"The election's taken place, I've been elected, now we turn the page, we start to work, we work good together and I show the whole world I'm not a candidate of Europe or wherever.

I'm a candidate of football and football is universal."This is what we'll start to do now in FIFA: to work with everyone for the development of football and not to do politics, to speak about divisions, to speak about barriers."I said today we have to build bridges, not to build walls. Football can certainly do that. I want to focus onĀ Buy FIFA Coins football."If we do that we can speak, discuss and agree and develop football everywhere in the world. That is my objective."

Blatter was voted in on five occasions, including last May, but after his final success he stepped aside within days amid allegations which led to a six-year ban from football-related activity, which he is contesting.The resignation of Blatter, who strenuously denies any wrongdoing, prompted the extraordinary congress in the most pivotal period of FIFA's 112-year history at which crucial reforms were passed.Infantino will serve the remaining term of office for which Blatter was elected last May, meaning there will be a further election in 2019.

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