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By Nate Bray, 2007-04-13

R&B dance and listening music set within the social commentary and inspirational framework.

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Nate Bray
About Nate Bray
Omaha Ne, home of national recording producer Terry Lewis, and successful recording acts 311, Manheim Steamroller, buddy miles, mulberry lane, Carol Rogers ( of Sergio Mandez fame), and Preston Love has now birthed another great act--Mr. Nate Bray. Nate&#39;s musical experience is extensive and spans the 1968-2005 time period. He is well-known in Las Vegas entertainment circles, and he also played bass guitar for many nationally known artists who have traveled throughout the nation. <p>Although Nate Bray has spent most of his life coordinating the music that backed up others, he also possessed a great singing voice that was seldom highlighted. Nate was the consummate team player who remained humble and tried not to stick out above other band members. He was always willing to put others first. </p><p>This CD release changes all of that: Nate Bray is front and center with a bold new sound that reminds the music world of a cross between Michael McDonald, James Ingram, Marvin Gaye, and Curtis Mayfield. In his debut album entitled &quot;Got to be Strong,&quot; Nate has produced a project that could easily end up with several songs charted in Billboard&#39;s top 40 R&amp;B and/or POP/MOR charts. </p><p>In a world where music has become cheapened and watered down, Mr. Bray, his writing team, and his producer have brilliantly merged an old school form of singing with the contemporary instrumentation of today&#39;s music. Nate&#39;s musical craftsmanship comes through loud and clear with dance songs and songs of inspiration and encouragement. This is music for the thinking and feeling person, yet it is commercial enough to appeal to both young and old, as well as be played in the hippest teen and adult dance clubs. </p><p>Loof for this CD project to go big on its own or at the very least, look for national recording artists and producers to knock on Mr. Bray&#39;s door and request permission to purchase his material. Of particular interest are the title cuts &quot;Got to be Strong,&quot; &quot;Conquest,&quot; &quot;Keeping It Real,&quot; &quot;Turning Point,&quot; and &quot;Illusions&#39;s Web.&quot; </p><p>Also, look for the song entitled &quot;Dark Child II (Remix)&quot; to soon become one of America&#39;s favorite Black History songs. The remaining 4 song are also strong cuts and serve more than just album filler; in fact, the entire CD is a hit! One listen and you&#39;ll agree that this is one the better projects to come out of the Midwest in many years. </p>