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Norton is known as preventive software from various Virus even the dangerous ransomware also. It has many features, but at the same time you can face some technical errors in it and to resolve them you need some help. Here you can get the assistance from the certified experts you Can Contact Norton Tech Support Number 1-844-794-2729. 

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By nortontechcare, 2019-02-27

Norton Support Number


How to run the live update in Norton 360?


Steps to run the live update in Norton 360. Remember that these steps are for the latest version of Norton if you are using an outdated version contact with Norton helpline number or update your software.


  1. Launch the Norton software on your computer.
  2. Move your cursor to “Security” option and then click on it. After that select “Live update”.
  3. The live update will start, run this process till you get the message saying “Your Norton product is updated to latest protection”.
  4. Click on OK, when the live update is complete
  5. Finally, your Norton software is updated to the latest protection features. Now restart your computer


Norton 360 give its user a great security service from the virus, malware, and Trojans. But Norton 360 sometimes cause problems while live update due to some reasons


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Causes of Live update error LU 1814


Live update error LU 1814 occurs in Norton when the client cannot connect to the specified host and this problem can be due to these listed reasons:


  1. When the file entries available in computer resists live update from connecting
  2. It can be due to the availability of the S32LUHL1.dll file
  3. It may possible that Norton software in your computer has some corrupt and damaged files present
  4. Live update is not allowed to access the live update server
  5. Local permission causing the problem
  6. Your computer doesn’t have a good internet connection


These were some specified reasons behind the live update error LU 1814. This error can be very frustrating when you know that your computer is not safe from cyber threats. But all this issue can be solved by following some troubleshooting methods.


Fixes for Live update error LU 1814 in Norton 360


  1. Check your computer for damaged and corrupt files with any 3rd party software and remove all these unnecessary files
  2. Check if you have the proper internet connection
  3. Check for the S32LUHL1.dll file to remove it from the system. Because this file needs unnecessary setting in Norton and causes problems
  4. Go to the control panel > programs. And allow Norton to perform some certain tasks.


Live update error LU 1814 should be solved by these methods. For an instance, if you think there is any need of expert’s assistance, call on Norton phone number to get more described and better help.



Norton virus scan doesn’t complete when I click fix now

Are You Having A Problem With Your Norton Product? The scan does not complete even when you click on a fix now option? Then there is no need to get worried! This happens with many users and eventually, they get confused. In such a situation, you must try to fix the issue yourself first and if that does not work then you must contact Norton customer support for a further solution.


In this blog, the same issue that you are dealing with is discussed. The users can refer to the fixture steps if they do not have any idea about the solution. But keep in mind that the steps should be performed properly


Steps To Fix "Norton Virus Scan Not Working"


Solution 1: Restart your computer

Exit from all the ongoing programs and restart your device, then try to scan. If it gets stuck again then move to the next solutions.


Solution 2: Run LiveUpdate

  • Start your Norton program
  • In the main window, click the security option and select LiveUpdate
  • When the LiveUpdate is finished then click on ok
  • Run the option again until the message ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’ appears on the screen.
  • Restart your computer after exiting from all programs.


Solution 3: Download and run the Norton Power Eraser

  • Go to the official website and download the Norton power eraser
  • Select the location of download as desktop and then click save
  • Double click on the NPE.exe file to run it
  • Go through the license agreement and click Accept
  • Click the scan for risks icon in the Norton power eraser
  • The application will perform a rootkit scan and once done the system gets restarted
  • Once the device restarts, the scan will start automatically and you just need to follow the on-screen instructions


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These troubleshooting solutions will surely lead to the bringing of positive results and the Norton scan will run completely fine. But in case if there are some problems that are making you go blank then reach out to avail instant services by dialing Norton customer support number. The helpline stays accessible 24x7 online and the technical executives will resolve the problem in minimum possible time.


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How to Fix Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10

By nortontechcare, 2018-11-05

It is hard to find such a person who hasn’t heard of Norton till date. Obviously, most of the population is well aware of the brand name Norton. There is various kind of Norton products available in the market depending upon the need and requirement of the users. In fact, once the Norton product gets installed on a device the users will become worry free. Although Norton antivirus is totally compatible with Windows 10 but with the passage of time, problems tend to occur. Now it’s up to the users to report the problems to the technical team at Norton Antivirus support or troubleshoot them at their own.

This post is about Fixing Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10. Various problems that users encountered and their solutions are enlisted for the ease of users so that they can try them once to resolve the issue.


Norton Antivirus errors in Windows 10


Unable to find Norton after Windows 10 upgrade –

  1. Go to the official Norton website and download Norton fix tool
  2. Right click on the Exe.file and select run as admin
  3. A prompt will appear, click next and follow the instructions


Norton won’t launch after Windows 10 update –

  1. Download the Norton Remove and reinstall tool
  2. Double click on the tools icon and accept the license terms
  3. Click on remove and reinstall and then continue
  4. Select restart now to finish the uninstall process


Norton conflicting with another security program –

This error is general and appears when there is other security software already installed on the device. This leads to the conflicts between both, so you must uninstall it from the control panel.


Error 8505, 129 – This error appears on Windows 10 which depicts that the network proxy settings need to be checked.

  1. Type internet options in the search bar and press enter
  2. Go to the connection tab and select LAN settings
  3. Ensure that none of the proxy server boxes are selected
  4. Click ok followed by apply


Source URL: - How to Fix Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10


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How to Install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

By nortontechcare, 2018-10-25
How to Install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Norton Tech Support Phone Number


Every user stays unsure about the safety of their personal information and credentials when they use a public Wi-Fi. This is quite common these days for the hackers to get access to your crucial details and misuse them. But there is a good news! Now users need not worry about the safety because Norton Wi-Fi Privacy is there. It protects the information while you do online shopping, transfer money and other things using public Wi-Fi. If you want to know more about it then you can reach out to Norton customer support number where the technical executives will guide you elaborately


What does Norton Wi-Fi Privacy do –

  • It protects the data you send and receive using public Wi-Fi
  • Let you browse anonymously
  • Creates a virtual private network
  • Comes with 60 days money back guarantee


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Installing Norton Wi-Fi Privacy


Users can download and install this app on Windows or Mac as well as Android and IOS. Refer the under mentioned steps for greater understanding.


Steps to install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy for Windows or Mac

  1. Launch any web browser of your chose and go to the Norton Wi-Fi Privacy original website
  2. Once reached, select the number of devices and click subscribe now an option
  3. Follow the on-screen directions


Note:  For Mac devices, when the users will see the Finder window they have to drag and drop the Wi-Fi privacy icon into the applications folder


Steps to install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy App on Android or iOS

  1. On the Android or IOS device, go to the App store
  2. Type Norton Wi-Fi Privacy into the search box
  3. Tap Get for iOS and install for Android. Agree with the terms and conditions and click allow
  4. After the installation follows the on-screen instructions properly.


These steps surely work for all the users but there are chances that new users might encounter troubles. So to reduce the risk, users can directly contact Norton Customer Service Phone Number where the actively available technical experts will rectify the problem for you in the stipulated period of time.


Source URL: - How to Install Norton WI-FI Privacy

Norton My Account


The situation can be very maddening when you want to uninstall a Norton product that is causing troubles to other applications with the help of Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool. But what you suddenly notice is that the tool is not working! In such a scenario your anger will be at peak. But cool it down and read this blog. Here you will get to know about the causes of this problem and also the suitable solution. You can contact Norton Tech Support for acquiring assistance from technicians. Or the other way, you can try the mentioned troubleshooting.


Before you start performing the fixture, it is crucial to determine the appropriate causes behind the trouble. Because when you know the real culprits then the only solution is possible. Have a look at the obvious reasons –


  • The tool might not be compatible with the device operating system
  • The installation of the tool was not done in a proper way
  • There can be some virus or malware presence in the device
  • Other programs or software can be conflicting with the tool


Solution: Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool Not Working

  1. Check your internet connection –Your tool would not be working due to an improper internet connection, so check with your router and make it adequate.
  2. Disable the firewall installed on your device :- Sometimes a firewall or antivirus software can be clashing with your tool and that is the main reason for it not working.
  3. Clean up your system of unwanted files:- Delete any unnecessary and temporary files from the device which are accumulating space. They can also be making the tool troubled in working.
  4. Update device drivers: Most of the issues can be fixed by updating the device drivers. In this way, you will be able to run the tool properly.
  5. Reinstall the tool:-If you are fed up of every sort of fixture then you are advised to uninstall and then reinstall the tool once again on the device.


In case of more detailed fixture then you can contact Norton Customer Service so that the technical professionals will guide you in right way.



Source URL: - How to Fix if Norton Remove and Reinstall Not Working


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1-844-794-2729 | How to fix Norton error 5013, 3?

Norton Technical Support


It is quite common for the users to come across multiple errors at the time of using an antivirus. Same in the case with Norton and the error 5013, 3 is usually encountered. It specifically appears at the time of installation of a program on a system having Norton Internet Security active on it. But the most important thing is to eliminate the error. If you don’t know How To Fix Norton Error 5013, 3 then you must try the troubleshooting procedure given in this blog.


When this error occurs, it crashes any active program and the device might crash several times. Users have also noticed sluggish running or slow response to the keyboard and mouse. Despite such symptoms, however, it is necessary to identify the causes first. Some of which are mentioned below:


Causes of Norton Error 5013, 3


  1. Incomplete installation or corrupt download
  2. Wrong or incorrect registry entries during installation
  3. Presence of Malware or virus infection
  4. Norton files mistakenly deleted


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How to fix Norton Error 5013, 3

  1. First of all, repair the registry entries related to the Norton software
  2. Perform a disk cleanup
  3. Download Norton repair & remove tool
  4. Run the tool by double-clicking on it
  5. Read & accept the license agreement
  6. After opening the Norton tool, click scan for risks icon
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions
  8. Start your Norton Product > Quick Controls > Check Norton Tamper protection > click close
  9. Open the run box and press Windows + R key
  10. Open the service windows and locate the double base filtering engine. Check if service is not started automatically and it is in the started mode. Once done, click ok and restart the device


The error related to Norton Internet security will be removed in an instant if the steps are followed in the same consecutive manner as they are given. There is always a probability that you might come across uncertain troubles, in that case, get in touch with Norton Customer Support that stays available round the clock.


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Install Norton Security With Backup

By nortontechcare, 2018-08-13
Install Norton Security With Backup

Symantec Norton is still going hard and playing strong in the race of best antivirus software. And Norton Security with Backup is displaying all total different proposition and features among from most of the other Norton products. This software offers 10 licenses through which you can safeguard all your devices like desktops, smartphones, Mac, and tablets. If you want to know more about this antivirus software then you can call Norton Customer Care that stays online 24x7.


If you want to protect and safeguard your data as well as your devices then you must download Norton Security with Backup and then start the installation process immediately. But before installing this software you need to check the minimum system requirement. For installing this application you need to purchase the subscription of this product as the free version can get expire in 30 or 40 days.


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How to Install Norton Security with Backup


The steps which must be followed so to perform the installation process easily are:


  1. Visit the official website of Norton
  2. Login to your Norton Account using correct login credential
  3. After successful login, a prompt will appear which reads ‘Install on this device’ or ‘Install on another device’. You will receive this prompt only when you have already purchased the software
  4. Click on the option of Agree and download, to get the antivirus download on your current device
  5. You need to follow the onscreen instruction so as to complete the installation process
  6. You will be asked to enter the product key so as to activate the product. You can locate the Norton Product key either in your registered email account or through the device tab of your Norton account



If the aforestated steps do not help you to install Norton Security with Backup properly then you must at once reach out to professionals via Norton My Account Login. The reliable service of tech support engineers can be availed at any time of the day round the clock. 100 percent customer satisfaction and delivering the complete long lasting resolution is the end objective of the support team.


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1-844-794-2729 | Norton Customer Care Phone Number

Norton Product Activation Key


There are many antivirus products are available in the market and among them, Norton is considered one of the best antivirus software. This antivirus has been offering its paid and free version. To get hi-security and advanced protection from the harmful virus you can subscribe its paid version. Here you require to activate the Norton product through its key. If you haven’t idea how to find and enter the product key this blog will assist you.


If you have installed Norton on your device and unable to find Norton activation key, which you have to enter for product activation. You should opt for Norton Customer Care experts. These trained professionals will sort out any trouble which you encounter with this antivirus.


Way to find activation key of Norton:-


First of all, you will have to log in the Norton account on its official page.

Then click on “Subscription” of the product.

Now you will get a list of products, select which one you will like to use

After selection of Norton product, you will show its activation key.

If you want then copy the product key into a text document for further use


Enter the Norton activation key:-


After you will find the activation key you can enter it at the required place. When you will proceed to the setup process of Norton antivirus, you will be asked to enter the product key.


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Enter that activation key on that section and tap on continuing. Follow the online prompts and if have any doubt ask customer care for help. You can resolve the problem by dialing Norton Technical Support Number. The experts of customer support are 24/7 available on the call for troubleshooting. If you ever need the help of customer support due to the technical hitch of Norton. You can simply ask the customer support team to help you. The experts of the customer support team are trained and dedicated to resolving issues of Norton antivirus anytime you will need. Without delay experts response to their consumers and provide them the complete solution as soon as possible.


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How to fix Norton Antivirus scan problem

By nortontechcare, 2018-07-16
How to fix Norton Antivirus scan problem

Norton Technical Support


Norton antivirus is an antimalware software that is used to diagnose and remove malicious viruses, malware, Trojans and harmful spyware. But consider a scenario when users face problem while installing, scanning and setting up this antivirus software. So if the trusted customer of Norton faces issue while scanning for the malicious program and are unable to Fix Norton Virus scan problem than they need to connect with professionals (Norton My Account Login) who have a solution for every glitch associated with this antivirus software.


Norton is known for providing multilayer protection to the PC by catching the infected malware and then removing it from the system but sometimes it is not able to perform the scan. Now the question which arises is why Norton faces issues while performing a scan? There can be many reasons which can be possible in causing scan error in this antivirus:



  • If the clock of your PC is not set up correctly
  • Due to the presence of an outdated version of antivirus
  • Conflict with other installed software
  • Some viruses or malware can block the antivirus to perform a scan
  • The server may be temporarily down

How to fix Norton Antivirus scan problem


Norton Antivirus acts like a protective shield for the computers and laptops but if this shield is facing complication then in order to rectify the flaws users need to perform the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:


  1. Check Computer Time: You need to check the system time of your PC and if it is not set correctly then try to reset the system clock and restart the system to apply the changes
  2. Remove Older Version of Norton: With the help of Norton Removal tool, the user can completely remove all the files associated with Norton antivirus and by using this tool only users can re-install the antivirus software again
  3. Uninstall other Antivirus: It is necessary to remove all the other antivirus installed in your system so that Norton can run smoothly without facing any flaws.


If these fixture does not help you in rectifying the scan error then get in touch with Norton Technical Support Number available 24 hours in a day throughout the year. The technical experts will deliver the desired technical help needed to eradicate the error from the roots.


Source URL: - Norton Customer Support Number