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Cannabis, in my opinion as a medical doctor, is one of the most helpful and health providing plant that is abundant on Earth. And, we are at the frontier of our understanding of the benefits that can be derived from this plant.

  1. This plant has a history of healing that spans thousands of years of recorded history. Each person who grows and cultivates the cannabis plant has the ability through their own selection process to include more THC which is the substance that produces the mind-altering properties, or less THC and more CBD which is known to demonstrate the more healing properties.
  2. CBD oils have a large amount of CBD, and are very low in THC. These CBD oils are prepared intentionally for their healing qualities and not for their ingestion to “get high.”
  3. CBD oil, for example, has been shown in studies to control pain. A 2006 article published in the Journal of Pharmacology/European noted the “substantial anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects” of CBD by inhibiting neural transmissions in pain pathways. 
  4. It has been noted in a medical journal entitled Inflammation, that internal inflammation is very likely the root cause of about 7 out of 10 chronic diseases.
  5. Therefore, it’s logical to deduce that controlling inflammation by the use of CBD oil will ultimately reduce the symptoms of many of the diseases from which we currently suffer.

CBD for Health

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Our cardiovascular system is made up of our heart, lungs and blood vessels. This system is not only responsible for keeping our heart beating regularly, but it also is responsible for transporting nutrients, and oxygen to our cells, and disposing of waste products that a healthy functioning body produces.

Due to the importance of the cardiovascular system, it’s quite obvious that any malfunctioning or illnesses involving this system could have catastrophic consequences. It just so happens that diseases of the cardiovascular system are among the leading causes of death worldwide. Conditions within this category include chronic rheumatic heart diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, and diseases of the arteries, arterioles, and capillaries.

There are many causes of cardiovascular diseases. Major factors are poor diet, lack of sufficient exercise, genetic predisposition and others.

However, regardless of these factors, CBD is proving to be of great benefit in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. There is an ever-growing body of evidence that shows that CBD is beneficial to lowering the inflammation in blood vessels – therefore benefit cardiovascular health.

Research is proving CBD to be an effective therapeutic agent for a whole host of health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Evidence suggests that CBD is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, with many studies pointing towards the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects as the key to its therapeutic action.

From Nature’s Own Doctor, this is Dr. Thomas A Gionis, MD wishing you great health through what Nature provides.

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Thermal food delivery bags sustain food's heat while regulating moisture. By maintaining moisture inside, these thermal bags help to preserve freshness. They are crucial to receiving perfect and hot pizzas, food pans, and deli trays to their address. These thermal bags carry the liquids like cans of beer or soda to any occasion.

The Uses of Thermal Food Delivery Bags

If you deliver the food without any necessary tools, your customers might not get the food with the right temperature. Although, delivering meals from kitchen to customer is challenging. Pizzas and other drinks might get cold before they reach their owner, and chances are getting shuffled around in the Pizza box.

That's why thermal food delivery bags come to solve the problem. These thermal bags have excellent accessories in terms of any delivery operation or commercial catering. For example, Pizza delivery bags can be handy for carrying wraps, wings, subs, french fries, and strombolis. Now, let's discuss some facts about how you can make a decision which thermal brand is best for carrying foods and liquids which can increase the efficiency of your business…

1. Consider the Materials of Exterior

Thermal food delivery bags have made with nylon or vinyl exteriors. That's why the materials are water resistant and perfect for delivery in any condition, including snow, rain, or sleet.

Usually, nylon covered food delivery bags are a little bit costly than vinyl, but they can easily fit in any place and also allow the food delivery bags to store your foods hot while deducting vapor to leave.

On the other hand, vinyl thermal food delivery bags do not breathe as easily, so moisture usually gets confined in the bags, which leads to faster food rotting. So the basic theory is when you bring food in a short distance carry the vinyl thermal bags. But if the distance is too long, then you have to carry nylon thermal bags.

2. Look How Closures are Well Designed

A high-quality closure system implemented on the thermal bag is crucial to retain the food items as much heat as possible or remain cold for a long time. Two types of closures are available, one is hook-and-loop, and the other is a zipper in style. Also, some thermal bags provide extra side release buckles for additional stability.

Additionally, helping to maintain heat/cold in the bag, closures prevent the movement while transporting and help food to stay in place. They also make sure fast wrapping with spontaneous designs that are easy to apply.

3. Foam Insulation

Foam insulation helps to retain hot foods hotter and stay longer in thermal delivery bags. It is located within the exterior layer of fabric and the interior lining of the thermal bag which helps to decrease heat conduction, with its unique insulating capabilities. We take thermal food delivery bags with one or two-inch thick covering within their cores. There are two types of foam insulation found, one is open cell and other is closed cell foam insulation.

4. Configurations

Thermal food delivery bags are produced in such shapes that you can carry bottles, deli trays, cans, Pizzas, food pans, and sandwiches easily. Thermal Bags might have an end or top-loading designs. Many Thermal bags include sewn-on hanging loops for aerial drying and storage.

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