Pete Teo

About Pete Teo

Pete Teo is by far the most successful English singer songwriter in Malaysia.

In an age characterized by media conglomeration and manufactured celebrity, Teo’s rise to nationwide attention is a refreshing anomaly. Known as much for his erudite intellect as his eclectic artistry, his work is characterized by a quirky ability to bridge the divide between popular and critical appeal. His deep-rooted association with the independent arts movement also makes him one of the most intriguing personalities in Asia today.

Teo is a notorious workaholic. While in the studio recording his new album through 2005, he performed over 20 gigs and concerts, wrote, arranged and performed the title song to a major Malaysian movie, and acted in 3 independent films, all of which will premier in major international film festivals in the course of 2006.

Meanwhile, his work as writer / commentator on the state of Malaysian popular arts have not gone unnoticed. In early 2006, several of the biggest English dailies in the country offered him exclusive positions as columnist. However, paralyzed by the prospect of being read by potentially millions, he has to date failed to decide for whom he should write.

Pete Teo currently lives in Kuala Lumpur. He loves Tequila and supports West Ham United. He resolves to speak better Malay soon and wants to learn Japanese and Tai Chi. His new album 'Television' was released in August 2006.