Tens of thousands of civilians are still missing after being detained arbitrarily during 10 years of civil war in Syria, UN investigators say.

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An American father and son have been handed over to Japanese authorities for allegedly helping former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn flee the country.

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Just a fortnight ago, Australia was shocked by a former political adviser's allegations that she had been raped in the nation's Parliament House.

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Given this, Dr Walensky said she was "really worried" about reports of US states "rolling back the exact public health measures we have recommended to protect people from Covid-19".

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The spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants is threatening to fuel a "potential fourth surge of cases" in the US, a top health official has warned.

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A Kpop star has been indefinitely suspended by his management company, after he was accused of being a bully while at school.

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A doctor in Sacramento California

By Xdrak, 2021-03-01

A doctor in Sacramento, California joined a traffic court hearing on Zoom while performing surgery on a patient.

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The Duke of Sussex has shared

By Xdrak, 2021-03-01

The Duke of Sussex has shared his concern that history was "repeating itself" before he decided to step back from the Royal Family.

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